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Printing businesses often face the problem of selling products with multiple variants. You own a printing factory, you want your customers to be able to design the sides of the card easily. You own a sewing factory. You want to allow customers to design themselves on the products they want to buy. All problems will be solved immediately when you use WordPress Multistore. This is one of the best selling products of Cmsmart. 

This tool allows online shop owners to add custom face fields to print options. This field allows the admin to customize properties appropriate to the product. Therefore, customers can design products with many variations easily. Shoppers always appreciate having a simple and effective way to order custom design products from your store. Bulk transformations make it easy and convenient to order everything they need quickly.

Join us on how to configure Custom sides and where does it display in this article. You can also refer to the same article about how to configure size and where does it display here.

WordPress Multistore

Outstanding features of Wordpress Multistore

  • Admin theme dashboard: An intuitive dashboard quickly shows shop information such as order, products, customers list, and so on that a vendor/store manager has a general look in a few seconds.
  • Total revenue: You will see your total revenue from the start of your business.
  • All products: You can see how many public products are available on your site and you can control it easily.
  • Total order: The number of orders will be shown on the "Total orders". You can see how many orders you get and have an urgent strategy for your company.
  • Total users: If you want to know exactly how many users who registered on your site, see the "Total users" part.
  • Chart Orders: Display sales volume of product with status or time such as day, week, month or year, and you have a complete visualization.
  • Chart Amount: Display the sales amount with status and detailed time. You'll have a general overview.
  • Best Selling Products: You will see the top best-selling products of your company and you will have an imported product plan for next month.
  • Recent Orders: Show the information of the recent customer with name, invoice number, amount and status.
  • Recent Buyers: Show details of name, email and the amount of revenue of recent customer on your site.

Tutorial video of configure Custom sides in Wordpress Multistore

How to configure Custom sides and where does it display? 

Online shoppers want to find the items they need and add them to their virtual shopping cart quickly. Helping them accomplish this is key to boosting sales.

With the feature, customers can design products with many variations easier than ever. Hopefully, the article has brought the most overview for you. If you have any questions, feel free to feedback HERE. I and colleagues are willing to support you. Here the DEMO is. You can see the details and compare them with the package you have just installed.

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