Dokan is the best front end multi vendor marketplace on WordPress, powered by WooCommerce. Build your own Amazon, Shopify, eBay, like the marketplace in just 30 minutes. Dokan is the fastest way to start e-commerce and earn through commissions with products ranging from digital, physical to variable. So, in this article, I will tell you How to configure Dokan In Core Of WordPress Multistore Theme. Here we go!

This is "How to configure Dokan in core of WordPress Multistore theme?"

Configure layout, store listing, vendor detail, single product in Appearance > Customize > Dokan

1. Choose more sidebar position - left, right, no sidebar in General

2. Choose light style in Dashboard

3. Configure vendor page, vendor list,... in Store listing

4. Configure vendor side, vendor content width, sticky sidebar,... in Vendor detail

5. Configure more product layout in Single product

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