One of the main reasons for abandoning shopping carts on online stores is the unclear shipping cost. Customers are more likely to leave a website without making a purchase if they are unaware of the shipping amount added to the final price of the product before they check out. You can solve this problem by using a reliable shipping computer extension.

Magento Shipping Cost Calculator is a module that enables clients to pre-calculate and pre-know the shipping cost for a specific order or a group of different items at one click. No more manual calculating the shipping fee is needed.

Today we are very pleased to introduce to you how to help customers calculate the shipping cost before checking out with the Magento Shipping Cost Calculator.

Clients will not have to calculate shipping cost manually anymore with Magento Shipping Cost Calculator

3 steps to configure Magento Shipping Cost Calculator:

Step 1: Enabled extension

  • Activate the extension
  • Activate auto locating IP
  • Activate on the category page

Step 2: Include cart options

Calculator includes items on cart or not

Step 3: Allow an address fields

Calculator box position

Required fields

Magento Shipping Cost Calculator user guide:

You can refer to the features of Magento Shipping Cost Calculator:

  • Calculate the shipping cost based on AJAX dynamically: With the Calculate Shipping Cost extension, shop owners can use any shipping method and calculate the shipping cost for every product. Inform your visitors how much they should pay for the product’s shipping service, so they can decide whether the price suits them before making a purchase.
  • Show the shipping rates in the pop-up after calculating
  • Applied on both the category page and the details page on the site
  • Can select a position for the extension: The extension is the original Magento solution that enables you to offer multiple shipping options to customers based on their locations. With Magento Shipping Cost Calculator Extension you can define different shipping rates according to the destination, shipping method, and the weight, price, or quantity of an item.
  • Geo IP technology: Geo IP helps automatically detect customers' countries based on the IP address of customers, filling data on the checkout page. Customers only need to enter a postcode or a city address, then the system will automatically fill other information, Admin can easily configuration in Back-end. For, the example I live in Sydney city
  • Easily customize the destination of the extension on the online shop
  • Enable or disable the extension easily
  • Including the cart option is customizable

According to studies, 56.5% of cart abandonment is due to unexpected additional costs like shipping. Accurately transfer right on product pages before checkout. Therefore, you will increase customer loyalty and reduce the rate of abandoned shopping carts of the store. Want to learn more about our products, please refer to DEMO.

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