In the strong development trend of the internet and technology applications, the hotel business on the internet is gradually becoming an inevitable trend in this industry. If you are not using the direct booking system today, your business is probably still dealing with all the booking processes in the most manual and labor-intensive way. Plus, having to call to make a reservation during business hours isn't always ideal.

Therefore, when creating a travel or hotel website, you need a reservation system. But you don't have to own a hotel, as you can be an affiliate and make sales. Therefore, the Booking Online system is an integrated software application to ensure the most favorable online booking right on your website.

WP Booking Hotel

In this post, I will introduce you to the hotel reservation system plugin that helps you get up and running your hotel booking website in minutes. WordPress Booking Hotel is a complete booking schedule plugin that can do more than just book hotels. You can also use this plugin as an appointment or reservation system. This plugin will handle everything smoothly and ensure that your users' booking is handled from start to finish. WordPress Booking Hotel Plugin is supporting PayPal, Banktransfer, customizable templates, form-builder, … and many other features. With this plugin, you can manage hotel reservations quickly, easily, and much more efficiently.

If you're ready to get started setting up your booking forms, you just need to install and activate the WP Booking Hotel Plugin. Below are detailed instructions on how to install this plugin.

There are 3 steps to install a WordPress Booking Hotel Plugin:

Step 1: Add and install plugin

Access to Dashboard –> Plugins –> Add New –> Upload Plugin

Next, click “Choose File”, navigate to the Plugin folder that you have downloaded. Then click on “Install Now” button

WP Booking Hotel

Step 2: Activate plugin

After installation is complete, click “Activate Plugin” to allow the plugin to work

WP Booking Hotel

Step 3: Set up plugin

Here, we recommend that you select "Installing Sample Database" to set up our sample data. If you want to display images, please click on "Downloading Sample Media". Then, click on “Next” button.

See details in the video instructions to install the WordPress Booking Hotel Plugin below:

How To Create A Smooth Booking Hotel System?

It is often difficult to operate a hotel website, especially when managing your booking in a way that ensures guest convenience and that can prevent any overlap in your booking. This is why we bring you the WordPress Booking Hotel Plugin. This plugin makes it easy to manage an unlimited number of bookings. This booking engine includes online availability, flexible booking rules, custom pricing, destination, google maps, and additional services.

We hope this article helped you find the best WordPress Booking Hotel Plugin. You may also want to see our DEMO for verification.

If there is any problem during the installation, please contact us, we will help you.

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