Magento Marketplace Multivendor Theme

Magento Multi vendor marketplace is the best choice for people who want to have an online marketplace similar to Amazon. And Shipping Calculator Cost extension is a necessary extension for your website. As you know website sales and shipping costs are often not combined, making many store owners spend more time when closing an order, while also reducing professionalism. With the option of Customize Shipping Calculator Cost Extension On Magento 2 Marketplace Theme Package, you don't need to worry about this anymore. So what are the customized shipping benefits and how to customize the shipping cost? Refer to the following article offline!

How to customize calculate shipping cost extension for Magento multi vendor marketplace?

This is tutorial video of customizing calculate shipping cost extension. 

Why use Magento multi vendor marketplace? 

For customer

When a customer makes the purchase decision on your site website, they always wonder how much they should pay for the product shipping. And Shipping Cost Calculator Extension for Magento 2 can preview shipping price of any product they want or shipping prices of products in the cart through filling in country, state/province, zip code in "Calculator Shipping" form.

For shop owner

Shop owners can manage customers' orders more easily. When customers place an order on the website, the website will automatically record the product information and address of the customer and give their fee. From there the shop owner can advise customers on the shipping company and shipping costs they need to pay depending on their needs. Manage orders and shipping costs automatically and faster.

Some of the other outstanding features

  • Store-front advanced configuration: Clean and creative page design layouts will make your marketplace stand out from competitors.
  • The powerful core theme: Lets you edit and create countless pages visually on the front-end easily without coding which makes your website unique and cannot be mistaken.
  • Best multiple vendors system: No matter what kind of product you want to sell - tangible or bookable - This multi-vendor feature has you covered.
  • Free installation & Demo data: Demo data, Storefront,... everything is ready to use. Quick & Free installation support from our professional team

We hope you find a guide helpful. If you need any help figuring out please feel free to Contact us and we will be happy to help. Remembering to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% discount for this item. However, if you don't have a solution for your website and you are looking for a theme or extension Magento Multi vendor marketplace is the great solution for you. Access link Demo to experience more. 

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