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With our Magento 2 Product video extension, you can upload tutorials, reviews, testimonials or marketing video for each product. Moreover, it's very easy to install and use for both admin and customers. Take your product content to the next level by adding Product Video Extension For Magento 2 to your site. There are many benefits that you cannot pass it. Before leading you to deactivate Cmsmart Magento 2 Product video extension on site, we will introduce some feature of our products. Let's take a look!

Main features of Magento 2 Product video extention

  • Add multi-videos to product: You can add multi-videos: description video, marketing video, review video and so on for each product.
  • Support multiple video formats: Product Video Extension For Magento 2 allow upload video types: local (mp4) and URL ( youtube, Dailymotion, twitch and Vimeo).
  • Allow upload videos from Front-end: Shop owner allows types of customer to upload a video on front-end and approve content before displaying.
  • Manage all of your videos in back-end: You can create, edit, delete and manage videos right in the back-end.
  • Assign video to single or multiple products: Uploaded video can be assigned to single or multiple products and a single product can have multiple videos.
  • Allow configure video file size: You can configure file video size upload in backend easily.
  • Rating video: The more videos are rated, the more trust your customers get.
  • Select thumbnail image for video: Upload Custom Thumbnail image for each video. And especially, ít will automatically display Dailymotion, Vimeo, and YouTube Thumbnail.
  • Show Related Videos: Besides adding the main video for each product, you can select related videos for this products in the back-end.
  • Show description for video: You can add a description for each video right in the back-end to your customer understand this video content.
  • Easy installation & use: With some simple steps to install and configure, you can easy to set up this extension without knowledge about technical.
  • Support most custom themes: Compatible with all popular custom themes and it makes your website more professional and attractive.

The way to deactivate Magento 2 Product video extension on site

  • Step 1: To deactivate extension, you should login Admin panel
  • Step 2: In Product video view settings box, you should click on Enable Product video on frontend and select No
  • Step 3: Click on "save config". After that you should remember refreshing cache after changing

When you don't want to display the upload video for product feature on site, you can disable it. Please follow this simple video guide step by step to do it.

How to deactivate Cmsmart Magento 2 Product video extension? from Cmsmart Netbase on Vimeo.

Some information I mention above is just some outstanding features of the Magento 2 Product video extention, there are a lot of interesting features waiting for you to explore. Visit our live demo to know how it works. It will impress you a lot, we are sure that. Specially, you can buy this product with coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% discount. If you have any questions about our product, please comment in the below box. We are always willing to help you handle your problems.

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