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Previously, the admin dashboard of a website was built to contain the main features, but the interface was not considered much so it looked quite jejune and unfriendly to the user. Therefore, Cmsmart tries our best to release a plugin as Magento 1 & 2 Responsive Admin Template. Creating an admin interface for beautiful and multi-function websites has never been easier thanks to this tool.

With this tool, you can easily create configuration layouts for your admin page. By changing Background Color, Background images, Border, Shadow, ... you've got yourself a beautiful theme layout the way you want. You can create multiple theme layouts, which are not limited.

Besides, Admin Template also allows you to export the configuration layout that you have created. With 2 sites are using the same our admin templates, you can export the configuration you like and reuse it with only 1 click. The exported configuration will be saved as a j.son file. For a better understanding of how to export the configuration of components, please follow our article.

Magento 2 Admin theme

We have many features of Cmsmart Magento 2 Admin theme like:

  • Fully Responsive Design: Responsive is now one of the most important functions that should be available on the website. Your customers can view your web through any devices like desktops, tablets, and mobiles.
  • Various theme colors: Different theme colors will give your customers various shopping experiences.
  • jQuery v1.11.0: jQuery v1.11.0 is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library
  • Documentations: There is a full database to adapt your requirements
  • Tons of color skins: There are many kinds of colors and styles that adapt customer's needs. It enhances customer experience on your website.
  • Modern Design: Design with all our love to bring you a stunning layout admin. 5 unique color layouts for your favorite or you can also create your own variation
  • Navigation Menu: Unique menu setting with horizontal and vertical
  • Over 100 pages: Basic, modern and stylish pages. Use effectively
  • Unique, clean, attractive and elegant interface with rich features: Admin theme is very clear and attractive user interface.
  • Easy-to-use and easy customize: All information display clearly and you can adjust with some few clicks
  • Login, Register, user profile: Ready to use Login and registration pages along with user profile page helps you to add new user in your application
  • Search pro: Search for Admin Theme was designed to boost the Admin search experience to the maximum
  • Clean code: Even bad code can function. But if a code isn't clean, it will make your site very slow and hard to customize. Magento Responsive Admin template solves this problem for you.
  • Themify and Awesome icon font: Ithemify and Awesome icon font help your website lighter, more attractive and inspire you when managing your website. Including: Icons; Glyphicons; FontAwesome; Simple line icon; Payment Webfont; Weather Icons
  • More Attractive with CSS3, HTML5, and CHART JS: Simple, clean and engaging HTML5 based JavaScript charts. With ChartJS we create animated, interactive graphs on admin theme
  • Upload Admin's Avatar Function: With a nice avatar, it increases visually and easily control admin accounts
  • Quick Preview Website: Adding quick preview website function, admin easily preview all changing on their site

Details video of How to export the configuration of components of Magento 2 Admin theme:

How to export the configuration of components of Cmsmart Magento 2 Admin theme? from Cmsmart Netbase on Vimeo.

This feature helps you export the configuration easily and quickly. With admin panel that includes many of our best features, you'll have a good foundation to work with. We hope you find a guide helpful. If you want to have more experience in our products, please access the link demo

In an effort to bring more quality articles to readers, Cmsmart hopes to introduce good content that is carefully and seriously edited. Hope you will continue to support us. If you have any questions, feel free to feedback here. My colleagues and I are willing to support you. If you want to buy this product, we send you a gift: 18% OFF when you buy with coupon code MAR_DL.

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