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If you search on this topic,  you were interested in our Magento Online Design product. Firstly, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for that. You can find out about How To Install Cmsmart Magento 2 Online Product Designer Extension On-Site on that post. Do you want to download this Extension? Please access MAGENTO 2 ONLINE DESIGN EXTENSION PRICING! However, if you want to use all features in this package, you need to get a license key. So, how to get a license key in the Online design module for Magento 1&2? I will introduce in this article! Let's start!

First, we will learn when using the Magento Online Design license key, what more will you get?

Management Features

  • You create and modify product unlimited!
  • You and your customers can download the Design file as PDF, SVG, JPG on the Magento Online Design interface.
  • There is an unlimited media library. You can easily search, download, and use the images you want.

Add on Pricing Option

  • 4 Types Of Configuration: There are 4 types of configuration displays. You can choose any type that suits your product.
  • Enable Print Pricing Option: You can enable print pricing options in the back-end for all products.
  • Print Pricing Options Configuration: You can config quantity, the Default options, Delivery date, artwork action, Multiple sites pages, Multiple colors, Easy to choose the size, Dimension customization, Measure the price based on the design area, DPI, area design shape, orientation.
  • General Setting "Printing Options": You can set 1 or more options for the printing option.

Now let's find out how To Get License Key In Online Design Module For Magento 1&2?

There are some necessary steps to active Magento license keys. In the first step, you need to log in to the back-end (Magento Admin page). Now, you have 2 choose:

If you want to get Active key Free version:

You click the Online Design Module and access the "configuration" menu, you will see the "Configuration" interface. We have the "get free license key" heading. You need to fill the correct email and your name to get free the license key in your email. You will receive a Free license key form CMSmart. The final step in this choice, you copy code key and paste into license key box in the "Configuration" interface. It is easy, isn't it? With this free version, you can only create and modify a maximum of 5 products.

If you want to use the extension that applicable for all products, please purchase our Pro version on the CMSmart marketplace.

Please follow this simple video guide below to know more detail:

Above is the tutorial "How To Get License Key In Online Design Module For Magento 1&2?". I hope that this post brought more useful information about the Magento NB design product to you. If you have any questions, please contact the CMSmart Support TeamThey will answer questions for you.

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