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As society grows, companies grow larger, meaning the number of employees in the company is increasing. With a large number of employees in the company, Employee management is even more important. Large employees, if there are no effective management measures, the company will be able to encounter some problems such as dispute employees at work, manage the number of employees is working or retired, leave of employees. With the HRM module in Vtiger CRM, you will have an effective solution for managing personnel in the company. 

HRM module integrates many features to help manage personnel in many aspects such as Activities, KPI, Leave... With the support of the HRM module application in business management, it helps to manage human resources comprehensively and effectively, properly assessing the right people, and then having appropriate incentive and punishment policies. 

In the previous article, we shared How to active, remove the license key HRM module? And today, we will discuss how to import the HRM module into Vtiger CRM?

HRM Module into Vtiger CRM

We have many features like: 

  • Employee: Employee can manage all data about themselves with this system, easily see their history as well as manage their activities.
  • Candidate: Show all history about the Candidate's working period at the company.
  • KPI: The measurable value that demonstrates the working performance of each Employee will be automatically evaluated based on Ranking and Weight.
  • Leave: The Employee can see their annual Leave summary without any documents needed.
  • QCM: Job requirements, work regulations for certain Positions in the company.
  • JD: You can easily create a Job description template which details the specific requirements, responsibilities, job duties, and skills required for each individual and department.
  • Salary: Salary is a payment agreement between the employee and employer based on the capacity and experience of the staff. The staff will receive a salary periodically.
  • Salary components: Following the Employee's Salary increment cycle. The Employee will know the next Salary increase date based on the reference table in the Salary components.
  • Rating: Evaluate work with weights for the process of creating KPIs for Employees.
  • Setting Weight: When creating Rating, we usually choose Weight to select the Weight value of the job type to sort by Weight.
  • Setting Position: Define job Position types to apply to the Candidate, Employee module.
  • Easily import and export data incorrect format. 

 Details invite you to watch the video below:

HRM module is a tool to help manage employees professionally and effectively. HRM module helps leaders track, monitor and evaluate the progress of employees' work in the most intuitive way.

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