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HR CRM | Recruitment CRM System for HR Services

CRM is an acronym for Candidate Relationship Management, a method for managing and improving relationships with your current and potential job candidates. CRM software for recruiters is a type of HR software which HR professionals and recruiters use to manage the relationship with their candidates.

A recruitment CRM (candidate relationship management) system is a tool that allows hiring professionals to build and maintain relationships with job candidates while simultaneously managing the entire recruitment process. The idea behind a recruitment CRM is treating candidates as if they were customers.

CRM is a tool for automating sales, marketing, working with potential and existing customers; HRM is a tool of personnel management (personnel decisions, performance evaluation, motivation, vacation schedules, training, the creation of a personnel reserve);

At present, many companies are using CRM software for human resource management as well. This saves them from investing time and money in some other human resource management software. There is no better option than leveraging a CRM platform for managing employees in a company.

For the purpose of this research, we have concentrated on three groups of 'customers' of HR: line managers, senior managers and employees without a formal responsibility for others (we call them non-managers or sometimes just employees).

HR departments can leverage CRM software to streamline the recruitment process and find the best talent, in much the same way sales teams use it to manage leads. CRM tools allow users to filter the best candidates, keep track of responses, and analyse the quality of recruitment sources.

Core CRM is the critical foundation for collecting and managing customer data, central customer processes – such as lead conversion, sales cycle management and issue resolution. Core CRM crosses departments, including marketing, sales and customer support.

Vtiger is a solid choice as an all-in-one CRM solution for small business, mainly because it's loaded with a variety of tools, so it should make a broad swath of customers happy. However, its user interface is somewhat unique, and could present a steep learning curve for new users. HR CRM is base on Vtiger and you will have both CRM and HRM in one system

Vtiger has free community version and monthly payment SaaS version. Our HR CRM can be only used on Free Vtiger which you don't have to pay other monthly fee to Vtiger SaaS version.

The fee of HR CRM is included the installation and set up Vtiger Community for your server as well as HR CRM. There is also having a small support and maintenance fee 6 month recurring which you can cancel anytime. In case you want to customize any feature of CRM and HRM, please do not hesitate to request us.

Yes! That is the core difference of our HR CRM which can provide your business a personal, private, self-hosted CRM and HRM and can be integrated into your website or ERPs without any limitation.

You don't have to use other CRM, just one system is HR CRM is enough. We can also provide the migration services to import your data from other HRM or CRM to our HR CRM. Please do not hesitate to request us

Better Manage Your Candidate Engagement with a CRM for Recruiting. A recruitment CRM (candidate relationship management) system is a tool that allows hiring professionals to build and maintain relationships with job candidates while simultaneously managing the entire recruitment process

Candidate relationship management is defined as the process of attracting and engaging candidates, and nurturing authentic relationships with them over time. Candidate relationship management software used to do a single thing: help large companies source top talent ahead of a requisition.

CRM systems work to scale a recruiter's sourcing efforts by attracting passive candidates ahead of demand. ... In other words, an ATS is a workflow and compliance tool for managing applicants, while a CRM system is a pool of all passive and active candidates, as well as previous applicants already in your system

HR CRM is the combination of both CRM and ATM in the core operation. In other to have powerfull ATM you can develop more feature for HR CRM to meet your recruitment process.


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