Advance Product Filter For Virtuemart

Advance Product Filter For Virtuemart is a powerful tool that makes it much easier for customers to select their favorite products. Because of this, the use of product filters is becoming a lot more common. You will definitely benefit from the use of product filters. With the help of this tool, you will be able to help your customers find the products they are looking for a lot faster, which will lead to more sales and conversions from their side. If you are interested in the Advance Product Filter For Virtuemart, the following article will help you understand the steps to install and use it.

Discover the features of Advance Product Filter For Virtuemart:

  • Easy installation: It takes a few minutes to finish process installation, it is very easy and simple.
  • Fast loading: If the customer wants to search with many attitude, they donā€™t have a long time for the loading page, instead of the loading page very fast.
  • Easy to use: Friendly with customer, easy for customer can find product as they want, suitable with your demand.
  • Clean code: easy to understand and update, upgrade when appearing new version for website.
  • Search in price: Drag-drop to have as you want.
  • Search in category: Your customer can choose other different categories.
  • Search in manufactures: Have more manufactures for customers can choose suitable with your favorite.
  • Search in width, height, weight: Width, height, weight is your choose of customer with product.
  • Search in rating: If customer want to search a rating high product, they only click to number of start can see results.
  • Search in product name: Futher more, your customer can search direct with name of product by mean of fill name product as they want in product name.
  • Filter auto in the category page: Go to the category page and only filter products of that category.
  • Search in color: Only click on color available to see product suitable.

3 steps to install and use Advance Product Filter For Virtuemart:

  • Step 1: Unzip package & install module.
  • Step 2: Config module in back-end.
  • Step 3: Overview mode in front-end.

Watch the video below to get an overview ofĀ Advance Product Filter For Virtuemart:

How to install and use Advance Product Filter For Virtuemart?

The Advance Product Filter For Virtuemart will allow you to help your customers get all the products they want at one point. This plugin is a tool that will definitely help attract and maintain your customers' attention in the long run. Check out our demo here:Ā

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