Magento 2 One step checkout extension is the ideal solution if you want to defeat cart abandonment foe. So have you bought it for your own? Have you installed it? If not yet, let’s spend some time to read this article, we will provide you how to install this Magento 2 extension in the clearest way. Hope you will be successful right at the first time. If you have any questions or opinions, please leave in comment box. Let’s go!

You just need to go through 4 simple steps to make this Magento 2 one step checkout extension ready to use. In case you are not master of information technology, we also provide description along with images for illustration for easy to understand. Here we go:

Step 1:

After buying this product, in download file, , you unzip it and you will see it includes:

You unzip this file named

After that you will see a folder

Step 2: Install

You copy folder App that is achieved when you unzip file to your root Magento folder

.Step 3: Upgrade

Go to your root Magento folder -> bin by Commandline

From command window, you write: php magento setup:upgrade

Step 4: Clean cache

You go to admin panel, find and click to System, choose Cache Management

In Mass Actions category, you choose “Select All” and then click on “Submit” button right on the Top of table ( orange circle).

That’s all for the whole installation process of Magento 2 One step checkout extension, so easy and simple, right? We hope you can install it quickly by yourself and if you want, our support team also has this Magento 2 One Step checkout extension installed. Bringing you the best product and service is our pleasure. Hope you find this article helpful.