How to install quick start Tshirt package into your hosting?

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Are you doing business? Do you have a Tshirt shop? Do you want a website for your T-Shirt Store? So that great! You are on the right track. However, building a sales website is not easy. It is really difficult. You will have to hire a web developer, around $1000 or $2000. Then you have to wait after 1 month to receive a website that is not sure what you want. Will you learn by yourself and find your own way to build a website at a cheaper cost? Great! But it will take your time from 6 months to 1 year. That is not good!

Now, only with Premium Tshirt Website Template Solution Package, You only need to pay from $400 and above, you will have a website that sells professional T-shirts that are completely customizable. How do that? Let's begin with the article "How To Install QuickStart Tshirt Package Into Your Hosting?" below. However, we want to introduce some information about our main products before that. Let's take a look!

Outstanding feature of Tshirt printing store e-commerce website with online designer

  • Flexible config: You can set size upload, preview thumbnail size, thumbnail quality, show customer design in the cart, show customer design in order, admin notifications, and so on.
  • Easy manage products with online: Products with online design feature on Front-end will be added on the checkbox to distingue with Products without online design feature
  • Add clip art: Customers can select images from different many sources as their computer, Url, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Webcam or Pixabay and Unplash. With 1.500.000 beautiful images, you can search and find the one you love.
  • Freehand drawing: Especially, you also can use many available brush to draw, you can create your own signature.
  • Frontend translate with multiple languages: Customers can understand and design easily with multiple languages feature
  • Compatible with WooCommerce: This plugin is an extension of WooCommerce plugin that allow your customer to design products easily
  • Easily manage order of customer: Admin can see the design in detail, accept/decline design, and send email feedback to customers

Tutorial video of installing quick start Tshirt package into your hosting

There are 3 steps to install the quickstart for Tshirt Package

  • Step 1: Copy Package zip and file installer.php into your root

  • Step 2: Run installer.php file

  • Step 3: Visit the site after completion.

How to install quick start Tshirt package into your hosting? 

Above is "How to install quickstart Tshirt package into your hosting". I hope this article has brought you some useful information. You can try this product at WordPress T-shirt Package DEMO. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us at the contact information below or click here We is willing to answer your questions. Thank you for reading and keep following us to get more information in the next article! Bye, See you soon!

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