T-shirts are not only the must-have item on everyone's wardrobe but also one kind of clothing that reflects our personalities, interests, and identities. Because of this, selling t-shirts online has become a popular business choice all over the world. With the popularity of t-shirt businesses, there's no doubt you'll be facing some competition. To be different, you need to build a website that could reach a large group of audience and provide the kinds of t-shirt designs that your customers want. 

There are two types of WordPress themes for selling T-shirts online: themes to sell your t-shirts and themes that allow visitors to design their own t-shirts. The second one is more ambitious, but there are a couple of themes that can do all of this on their own. Whether you just want a nice eCommerce theme to sell clothes or you want a site with an online product designer for your visitors, your requirement will be fulfilled with our TEEPRO - Woocommerce Custom T-Shirt Designer WordPress Theme

Why should you choose Wordpress Tshirt for your business?

TEEPRO has all the tools you need to create a t-shirt store. It also allows visitors to make their own t-shirt designs. The online design tool called NBdesigner is incredibly advanced and includes a huge amount of features. Users can add and edit images to the shirts, change the colors, use free-hand drawing, change fonts, add background images/textures, and more. In fact, there’s even a layering system like you’d find in Photoshop or Illustrator. 

If you want a complete all-in-one solution for creating a t-shirt design and eCommerce website, TEEPRO is definitely worth your consideration. It may take you some time to learn how to best use it because there is a lot of functionality, but you’ll have a hard time finding other solutions that are this complete.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through each step of the installation process for TEEPRO - Woocommerce Custom T-Shirt Designer WordPress Theme - the first step to start your own online t-shirt store.

Tutorial video of install TeePro WordPress Theme into your hosting?

Note: For the home with icon, you need to add some steps more:

  1. Go to Backend
  2. Click on Ultimate > Icon Manager > Upload new icon 
  3. Click Media Library > Choose file icon > Insert Fonts Zip File

We hope you find this article helpful for your business. You can access TEEPRO Demo to explore more about this product. If you have any questions about this product, please contact us at the below information or click here https://cmsmart.net/support_ticket/. He will answer all your questions and don't forget to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% OFF for this item. Many thanks.

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