Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search Module

As the content of a website is getting richer and there is no way to showcase all your products on the homepage, it's time to equip a powerful search engine for your store. Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search Module is a simple but effective plugin that can improve the search experience for your visitors. With this extension, customers can enter keywords or select specific categories to search for keywords. Therefore, customers can narrow the search scale to save time for them. Join us on how to install Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search Module for your website!

The benefits of Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search Module 

  • Search quickly and accurately: This need not be said. Making your visitors wait too long is a sure way to push them away from your site. This extension will ensure that the search is fast enough so no one will get bored. In addition, the search system that provides accurate results is also a plus for it.
  • The search bar displays: It will be extremely clear where the search box is for your visitors or your visitors will go to another place. They may think that you are completely unavailable or decide that it is not worth looking for. Regardless, it is extremely important that the search bar is clear and easily distinguishable.
  • Phrase search: It is also important that Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search Module allows customers to search for phrases effectively. Through phrase search, visitors can narrow their search results but specify how they want the words to appear. Therefore, people will easily find what they are looking for.
  • Effective sorting and filtering: Sorting and filtering can be a great help when narrowing search results. When they are well designed, sorting and filtering not only help your visitors narrow the results but also provide a way for them to participate in your site.
  • The results are clear and concise: When your visitors are serving their search results, it needs to be immediately obvious and easy to analyze. For online stores, all relevant product information will also be displayed.
  • Search logs: You can gain a better understanding of your site visitors if you know what they are looking for. If you understand what your users want, you will be able to serve their needs much more effectively. Search logs are much more useful than you might think.

3 simple steps to install Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search Module:

  • Step 1: Go to Extensions -> Plugins, enabled the plugin
  • Step 2: Set up basic options.
  • Step 3: Overview extension when setting on the other templates

See the details of installing Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search Module in the video below:


How to install Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search Module?

If you want to provide users with a fast, seamless, and great looking web site experience, install the Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search Module. This is an easy-to-use tool that takes just a few minutes to implement and instantly improve your user experience and ability to find articles/products. Experience our DEMO to better understand this extension. If you have any questions, feel free to feedback here or comment below. My colleagues and I are willing to support you. Don't forget using coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% Discount for this item. Thanks for reading. 

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