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T-shirt Printing included many standard and advanced features for e-commerce sites in general as well as printing sites in particular. There are many unique and sophisticated themes available on this printing package. Present your site in a creative way with Multiple layouts, ultimate customers can view your site via any device such as desktop, tablet or smart mobile. This is one of the important factors to increase revenue that you cannot miss. In the previous article, we are honored to introduce The way to create and update pages in the t-shirt solution to you. Hence, we would like to show some information about setting up and using Frequently Bought Together in Tee-Pro Solution today.

Your customers often do not need just one product, they need inspiration from other products could fit the one they bought or would buy. For instance, when I tend to buy a smartphone, I might buy a charger or a case along with it. However, how can I determine what fits best on my smartphone? Our WooCommerce plugin could answer this question. You can frequently buy together (FBT) products OR, and that might be more interesting, our plugin automatically matches bought together products via Cart or Purchased algorithm.

Frequently Bought Together in Tee-Pro Solution

Frequently Bought Together in Tee-Pro Solution is a highly effective plugin which is developed for assisting online businesses in improving sales and profits through the cross-selling marketing strategy. Especially, offers are given as bought-together suggestions at the bottom of the single product description page. Visit our Demo to know how this plugin works.

Technically, which gives a way for shop owners to get all associated with products together and put them during a deal for an excellent price. This acts as a great reminder for patrons to think about things that they could go to buy alongside the currently being viewed product. Put marketing campaigns focus on target cross-selling, upselling. Customers love getting a deal on items that they need to buy anyway, so promotions will always get you more traffic. To increase your chances of getting picked as a Frequently Bought Together item, aim to get customers to buy multiples of your products through promo campaigns. Don’t forget to use the “Add Both to Cart” button for these promotions.

Tutorial video of setup and use Frequently Bought Together in Tee-Pro Solution

  • Step 1: Enable Frequently Bought Together
  • Step 2: Setting Frequently Bought Together for product

  • Step 3: View product

How to set up and use Frequently Bought Together in Tee-Pro Solution?

After this post, I hope that you’ll know how to set up and use Frequently Bought Together in Tee-Pro Solution.  Sure to make the right choices. If you have any questions about your products, you could contact us with the information below or here https://cmsmart.net/support_ticket. He is always willing to answer all of your questions. Remembering to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% discount for this item. Many thanks!