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Shopping cart abandonment is a sad commentary in online retailing, with some companies reporting that more than 60% of checkouts end without a conversion. This is a reason why One-page checkout is created. visit our Demo to know how this works.
Preventing even a relatively small percentage of these abandoned carts would significantly improve revenues and profits. If you are satisfied with the price and shipping costs, you should go to checking out the process to complete it quickly. This final step is the most important part of online business because many companies lose a large clientele at this step. Making it faster for customers to purchase with your store is what you must do and One-page checkout extension is what you Must have. If customers feel happy with your product and want to get it immediately on their cart but they cannot because of a complicated checkout process. WooCommerce One Page checkout plugin will resolve all your problems.

Some highlight benefits of Wordpress Tshirt for Customers

  • A shop owner will increase their revenue up to 70% when using¬†One Page checkout¬†products as a great review from our beloved customer because their customers do not want to create an account and log in, they simply want to visit the site as a ''guest'' and make their purchase anonymously. It reduces from three steps to just one step.
  • Furthermore, one of the biggest benefits of¬†one-page checkout¬†is the option for guest checkout. The checking out process is only on a single page that helps customers save their time and their money as well.
  • With the first version released in 2014,¬†One-page checkout¬†brings satisfaction and happiness to over 6,000 customers.
  • Smartphones and tablets are the most viral device today because more than 50% of traffic coming from there, it is more important than ever that your online store using¬†One-page checkout¬†with 100% responsive design.

Instructions about setup and use One Step Checkout WordPress T-shirt 

Step 1: Enable plugin in NBT Solution

Step 2: View Frontend and checkout

After this post, I hope that you’ll know exactly How to set up and use the One Step Checkout WordPress T-shirt design theme with online design? Sure to make the right choices. If you want to try this product, please access WordPress Tshirt Solution Demo. If you have any questions about your products, you could contact us with the information below or here ticket support. He is always willing to answer all of your questions. Remembering to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% discount for this item

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