As you know that Magento is one of the mostly famous ecommerce platform across the global world. At the time of its startup it was not so much vast in its functionality but with the passage of time Magento bring a lot of improvement and now known as one of best ecommerce platform due to its multi-dimensional functionality. But one of the major concern is its speed which is not up to the mark in its default configuration. Even though if you just search it in Google and type Magento speed you will see a lot of discussion about Magento speed up issues and everyone will ask about that how can we enhance the performance of our Magento store.

Now let’s have some discussion that how you can speed up your magento online store. In order to do that you have to keep some points in your mind, and what will be these instructions have a look on it.

Be Proactive at the time of choosing hosting for your website:

Due to high level of completion all over the world that why everyone is doing their best to become number one in the market , because the first thing which came into our mind about an website is its speed, and for that you should be very keen and active to select your hosting for your Magento website.

According to a research that now a days when a user came over your site he just wait 0.2 to 0.6 second in order to load website otherwise he just switch to some other one with better speed. So it is concluded that speed is a superlative force in the success of your E-commerce outlet and a speedy website also participate in the expansion of your sales ratio.

As you know There are many companies whose providing web hosting in the market, here I am suggesting some top rated and one of the best hosting sites such as Site Ground Magento Hosting is rated as # 1 in 2014, A2 Hosting Magento Hosting is considered # 2 in the same year and Nexcess Magento Hosting is at # 3 award winning in the previous year.

Enable your Magento Caching:

For making your site performance more and more faster and even better in front of your customers for that you just have to visit Magento admin panel and bring your cursor in the system menu and switch on the cache management, because by default this functionality is disabled. By doing this you can optimize the performance of your store you can see this in below image as well how to do that.

Build SEO Friendly URLs:

For getting better position in search engine you have to build search engine friendly URL’s, this will not only help you in taking good position in SERP’s but also have an impact on your store performance. For that just go to admin panel of your Magento store and click on system configuration > web >URL options > add shop codes to URLs > and enable it to yes

You should select 301 which is permanent redirection and it will pass the value successfully whereas by default 302 redirection is temporary which will not pass link value

Integrate CSS (Cascading style Sheet) and JS (Java script) Files

If you are connected with Magento web store then you will see a lot of CSS and JS files. Some time you faced a lot of http requests so in order to overcome server request and to increase your site speed you have to mix up these files. For that you will go to admin panel of Magento as well and select

System > configuration > advanced > developer java script setting, and CSS Setting > merging option to yes

Keep Your Database Clean:

No doubt about that, Magento paly a great role in the development of e-commerce store in its functionalities. But when it comes to database performance then we are compel to say that it’s still not up to the expectation. As you know that every web store owners have the desire to take maximum out of its store with the placement of as many products as he want, but due to heavy amount of data may or it might be effect your store speed, in order to overcome this issue you have to removes its logs. By doing it there will be a positive effect on your store and also fruitful in limiting the lag in process implementation and the performance of your online outlet will provide better speed and result

But making all this you should keep in your mind that you had maintain a backup of your database before cleaning it up. For keeping your Magento store data in backup you can make it through following steps as well

You can use PHP administration software such as (PHP My Admin,) or also use MySQL Manager which is present inside the application management tab .and last one I suggest is by using Magento built in profilers in order to export whole database

Remove Unnecessary Plugins:

If you want to enhance the performance of your Magento store then you have to delete those extension which seems to be a Burdon on your database. For the optimum results it is in the best favor of your Magento site to clean up the unwanted modules rather than to disable it which will only hidden its functionality but still take up space which is not good enough. So the result oriented choice is to remove it.

Enable Flat Category and Products:

By enabling flat category and products you have to go to system configuration and select catalog panel then you will find two option there, one is yes and other is no. for making it effective then select yes. The purpose of doing this is that every product or the selected category information are stores in multiple tables and every time it require query to collect information. By doing all this make an effective impact on your store performance

Optimize Images

Image optimization is also very important for your store performance .Now a question came in mind how to do it ?, it’s very simple just try to select a proper file format and compress the images up to a required size. The purpose of doing this is, that your bandwidth between the browser and web server will be overcome which in result imposes a positive effect on your store speed. There are multiple image optimization tools for it. I am suggesting some of them which are image optimizer, compressor now, Trimage, Jpegmini etc.


Its quiet obvious Magento is getting better and better with the time. But apart from all the strength it has still some weakness which can be fulfill by adopting the steps mentioned above in order to make your Magento store faster and better. So that you can not only satisfy your present and future customers but also create a meaningful image in the market.