As you know, there are many public products on an E-commerce website.  There are also numerous customers with different needs. It causes headaches to all shop owners on finding out the solutions response to their customer’s needs. Especially configuration and item price display.

Pricing Option for Magento 2

After a long time researching and analyzing the behavior and demand of our users, Cmsmart has released a super product called Premium Product pricing option suite extension for Magento 2. The main function of this product is to allow online shop owners to configure and display different prices for each product at their private store.

What are special feature of this product?

I guess there will be some customers have no time to experience this product. Don’t worry, I will leave a shortlist of outstanding features of this product right here:

  • Unlimited number of product customizable options: color swatch, image, file upload, quantity break pricing or price calculation by delivery date. 
  • Flexible option display method in add to cart form: Dropdown, Radio button, Swatch, Label, Advanced Dropdown, Large Label, Text, Number, Number Ranger, Text Area, Upload. 
  • Smart option arrangement: Group Options, Price Matrix, Step by Step, Option with multiple sub-options, Dependent Custom Options.

You can visit the demo of premium product pricing options here: Demo

How to install Pricing Options for Magento 2?

After experiencing the product by yourself, you might feel this product is what you actually need. However, many customers will wonder the product pricing. Don't worry, Cmsmart offer 50% DISCOUNT code HOTEST_50 for the first 10 lucky members. Kindly note that this code is only for the first 10 customers. So, Hurry up!!! Purchase now before it’s too late. Our support team will be available 24/7 to answer all of your questions as quickly as possible. 

For further information, please contact:

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