Everyone who is running an online store understands that Theme is one of the most important factors playing your e-business’s success. Thus, certainly, we always find the best performance that shows everything of our site in a great way. Customers are easy to navigate, save much time to place an order and more important, being driven to your site thanks for its stunning design.

It is totally true when we are driving or developing Magento stores. We spend our heart and soul in the first design so that we can get more out of expectation. Therefore, nowhere can you reach your target as fast as possible. Your store offers books, equipment, fashion, motorbike and more, just pick up one of this Magento Garden to install it for your site. You are promised to ensure an increasing number of sales, fans, and traffic. Magento Garden/Collection is derived from Magento Theme Club of CMSmart market. Understanding how a theme is important for an online business, our Professional team has created this option for you, especially Developers to catch.

  • Choose an item from your site: Book, Lingerie, Wine, Digital or even Antique. Yeap, more selections you are offered, more ideal designs you enjoy. With regard to Magento Theme Club, you are accessible to up 27 products including numerous topics. For example:


  • You could choose Magento Mobile Theme if you are driving a Mobile store with an impressive and modern template attracting customers at the first sight.

  • A fashion shop should select Magento Fashion theme for its unique but suitable for fashionista to follow and make purchase their wanted products from your store.

  • You are even possible to create a delicious online bakery-store where anyone visiting your site loves sweet cakes and candies. They are highlighted through strong and eye-catching colors as well as clear background. Along with awesome sliders added into slideshow on the Homepage, all capture customers’ attention on shopping on the website.

  • If you are looking for the best solution for a gardening-tool store, Magento Garden Theme is an idea. This is a clean, friendly and high-tech design, giving your best selling décor as well as garden furnishing a home with elegant and modern model.

  • Magento Amazon theme being derived from Amazon site idea allows you to create a store with multiple products, selling different items. The template gives you a chance to arrange the site, making it easy to select the most favorite product among others.

Most of themes of this collection are RESPONSIVE. Thus, don’t worry whether your users shop your site on the computer or not. Your Magento store completely displays on every device from the computer, table to smaller items smartphones. It is compatible with all smartphones running IOs, Android… bring your shoppers to the best shopping experience. This feature allows customers to do shopping everywhere and everywhen. With just their smart mobile phone, they can complete their online purchase at convenience. On the other hand, this helps you enjoy a bigger number of users, especially who just love using their tablet or smartphone, not computer. You can optimize your SEO through their shopping experience within some seconds from these devices, boosting your fame increasingly. Nowadays, with e-business, mobile shopping is becoming the most popular trend that we have never seen before.