Do you notice that in several recent years, one B2B marketplace trend gaining momentum is specialization? Trendy and professional developers are creating more and better e-commerce platforms to put buyers and sellers in a place and receiving a small piece of each transaction in the process, Magento marketplace theme is not an exception. I can see some entrepreneurs with expertise in a given industry segment can succeed with this model.

Some typical examples of B2C models like Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, and HomeAdvisor are the sharp contrast to B2B one. Let’s imagine that a B2B marketplace designed to connect telecom engineers with businesses needing telecom services. That’s a so niche play, and it’s indicative of numerous specialized marketplaces that either exist already or will be coming soon.

I want to quote the opinion of Malik Zakaria, Founder, and CEO of Field Engineer, he supposed that our today economy will be all about providing a scalable workforce. I will list 3 main points of Magento marketplace theme about this issue:

1. Minimizing labor cost

No business owners rest assured if they wouldn’t be interested in the prospect of permanently driving down personnel-related expenditures. If with normal business, minimizing labor costs means you will reduce the number of workers, which could push current existing employees to burnout or make your customers wait. That sounds not be a great idea. Or even some business owners try to hire the cheapest permanent staff possible without paying attention to customer dissatisfaction. However, with the Magento marketplace theme, it is totally possible. it is designed to rely on a scalable, flexible workforce of prequalified providers through a marketplace that can amount to significant savings for a company and its customers, while keeping quality high.

2. Reducing risk

I think you all know that hiring talent on a per-project basis is not too new in today's society but with some companies, it is too risky! Why? Working with an unknown entity is simply not worth the risk. They suppose that traditional recruitment might be quite costly but it deserves because they have the right to qualify and filter the candidates. With the Magento marketplace theme, let’s throw those worries away! It serves the same vetting function as a temp agency while it still eliminates all those costs. The developers have spent a lot of time, done numerous surveys, finally, developed Magento multi-vendor theme that is built into our process background checks, in-depth work history disclosures, and an online rating system.

3. Offering the right expertise for each contract.

Magento marketplace theme takes advantage of a scalable workforce allowing companies in all industries the luxury to pick and choose the skill sets they need for any given project. Your marketplace is so crowded place with multiple choices for customers to choose. Therefore, if you see the need for such a marketplace, and have the needed expertise to create it, you could be the first mover in your specialty

All in all, the multi-vendor marketplace trend of specialization is picking up steam, it is undeniable. Entrepreneurs will be both consumers and creators of new niche marketplaces in the B2B space. Are you ready to play? Remembering to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% discount for this item. You can access Marketplace theme for Magento 2 packages Demo to try. If you have any questions, please contact our support team. We are always willing to support you no matter what.

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