If with the traditional business model, we almost use cash for each order payment, in the digital era, one new concept has appeared that is "Checkout process". This is an important process when consumers buy any products from a website. Why? Although Checkout is almost the final step of the whole process of purchasing, it can be considered as the factor that decides the amount of cart abandonment rate. A standard checkout process must contain a convenient order form and reduce the loading page to minimize. That's the reason why Magento 2 One step checkout is the must-have extension for Magento 2 marketplace. We have introduced What do we have in Magento 2 one step checkout extension several times in the previous articles, so in this post, we will focus more on the benefits it offers users. Here we go:

  1. Ensure Customer Experience and Trust

At the end of the shopping procedure, don't make your customers tired of the endless "Continue" button, that's so important! The user-friendly checkout process is about paving a fast way for your customers from the Add to Cart to Place Order. The level of customer satisfaction also depends on how reliable your store looks. The checkout process of Magento 2 marketplace is more clear and understandable to gain a higher level of credibility.

  1. More convenient

The checkout process of Magento 2 marketplace includes all needed information for placing an order: shipping address ( name, city, province, etc.), shipping method, payment method, order review ( total price, amount of product, etc.). Concerning order fields, Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension helps to keep them arranged properly for the swift transactions. So you can forget the time when you have to click Next or Continue button many and many times. Now, one is just enough for all.

I want to tell more about other checkout extension built on Joomla platform. One page checkout for Virtuemart has integrated Geo IP Technology makes it possible to detect and fill in customers’ data (country, city, state/province and zip code) automatically. By choosing one of these attributes, the system can auto-update for customer's shipping methods and rates.

  1. Compatible with all smart devices

In 2017, 80% total amount of customers purchase through smart devices, that's the main reason why Magento 2 one step checkout was created to allow visitors to see checkout by mobile-optimized view with any smart devices. Therefore, you can rest assured with the increase rate in traffic and conversion rate amount.

  1. Increase speed

Magento 2 one step checkout will take care of your customers’ nerves by refusing a standard multi-page checkout in favor of a single page checkout. I mean no loading more page, no time of waiting. This extension reduces the number of check-out steps to one without any risks of losing data and your customers will not get lost on different pages.

The last words,

Magento 2 one step checkout is an indispensable extension for Magento 2 marketplace package, it will affect a lot on how good business owners can convert traffic into conversion. I hope you find this article helpful and good luck with your sale! You can try this product at Magento Marketplace 2 DEMO. If you have any questions about the product, please contact our support team. We are willing to answer your questions. Remembering to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% discount for this item.


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