The success of the marketplace business model during several recent years is undeniable but it doesn’t mean that just building a marketplace you will be immediately successful. There will be a lot of things to do. With a full solution like Magento marketplace theme, a lot of issues will be solved better than other normal theme but, there is something you still should customize, in this case, it is CTA. Let’s read this article to see how to create irresistible Call To Action with Magento marketplace theme.

What is CTA?

Call to action ( CTA) is the kind of using images or buttons to direct customers to a specific action you want. For example, you can see the button BUY NOW or a banner with the text lines such as “Get a Free Quote Now” or “Download Our Free Documentation”.

Why we need CTA on Magento marketplace

  • Providing direction: tell customers what they should do next, prevent them from having to make decisions which can lead to disengagement.
  • Offer functionality to converts your site into a strategic marketing asset.
  • Build contact list: you can grow a list of potential customers just by adding a button and form to your site.

How to create irresistible Call To Action that actually converts with Magento marketplace theme

1. Offer

A lot of businesses have been using this kind of CTA with the aim that the offers will attract your target or potential customers. For example, instead of sending customers newsletter about offering 20% OFF, you can show that information in a banner and when customers click on the banner, it will direct to the page with a list of products on sale.

2. Button

It is the same as using image. The CTA button should be close in proximity to the offer being made but it cannot be too close to other buttons on the page that may compete with the call to action button or confuse the reader. The distraction might slow down the decision making of customers. Use color and size to make the button stand out, but not so much so that it detracts from other important elements of the page or distracts the reader.

Text on a button, that is also another story for you. Cause it is a button, not banner, you cannot put too much text. It should be brief and strong enough to encourage. Let me take some examples: BUY NOW, DOWNLOAD NOW, TRY FOR FREE, etc. About BUY NOW, we are talking about Magento marketplace, that is a huge market, sellers might want to hide the price to increase the competitive advantages or different quantity will be for different price, so we use CALL FOR PRICE button ( Magento call for price extension) instead of BUY NOW, it still works as CTA button. Again, do as much as you can to provide the reader with clarity on where they are going, what they’re doing, and why they are doing it, at all times.

3. Landing page

CTA buttons must link to a landing page or form where you can capture your visitor’s contact information in exchange for your marketing offer. CTA does not have to for promotion program, it might be for a growing email list providing that it just is aligned with one of your marketing goals.

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