If you are in the process of building an E-commerce website and dream about making it to be the leading E-commerce web-to-print website in print industry, congratulations on finding your goal. Years ago, I also went through a long and difficult period of time to consider and choose which areas to start a business with. I am sure that you already found a solution for your website because you have found my share. I am not a good writer but there are quite a lot of people who have texted me to ask about solutions for their print website, because they have seen my success story. To save time I will go to the main problem immediately.

The main content I will share with you.

1. Why use Magento and not WordPress or Joomla ...
2. Why choose Cmsmart but not another one?
3. Overview of Magento Printmart solution.

1. Why use Magento but not Wordpress or Joomla or any other alternative platform?

For an E-commerce website, Magento surely is a perfect choice. Some big brands like Samsung, Ford, Fox Connect, Lenovo, Olympus, Men’s Health, Vizio, Nestle, Nike and other millions of small and medium-sized commercial sites around the world use this platform. Although other platforms are also extremely good, for me Magento is still number 1. It meets all the requirements of an E-commerce website.

For an E-commerce website, even if you combine Wordpress with Woocommerce, it is not as good as Magento. I don't mean WordPress is worse but I want to emphasize the relevance. One feature can 100% perfectly perform only if you used it for the right purpose.

2. Why choose Cmsmart but not another one?

Before building my website, I didn't know much about Cmsmart. Because I am not a person who specializes in E-commerce or a website developer. Moreover, Cmsmart is not a very big company in the field of website development. So I didn't know them. However, after using their products, I become a loyal customer.

Back to a few years ago, while I was wondering what solution to choose for my website, I talked to a friend. He introduced Cmsmart and Magento Printmart package solution to me. Of course, he is also a long-standing customer of Cmsmart. He is a product developer of a company. His background earned my trust and I decided to asked for advice from him.

Basically, when we met, he recommended CMSmart: extremely powerful products, professional care team, clear sales policy, product price is also very reasonable. As a product developer, he was surprised about Magento Printmart after his first experience. And it's amazing that it's getting better over time.

I often visit cmsmart.net to see if they release any new products or not. And because I am a close customer, every time I update the new version, they will email me to remind me to update and improve the website.

Another note is that the Cmsmart website is extremely awesome. You will be amazed at the massive information about each product. Extremely detailed from introductory text to meticulous but extremely understandable instructional videos. Many other remarkable products like WP PrintStore, Magento 2 marketplace ...

3. Overview of Magento printmart solution.

First of all, we will talk about the key and important features to create the Magento web super product to print. That day I contacted the Sales Consultant of Cmsmart and was introduced to the product as follows:

a. Powerful Storefront

- Multiple Layouts:

+ Home page sections/Header Section: With top menu, ajax search, top icons, main menu, ajax cart, use menu, logo, and top banner.
+ Slideshow: With unlimited slider option and creation.
+ SideBar: With left and right sidebar supports unlimited content blocks, navigation menus, banner, product filters, horizontal main menu.
+ Main: With unlimited content section and arrangements in many different columns, 60+ blocks of contents, transition effects, and all kinds of products presentation.
+ Footer: With the logo, footer menu, payment icons, store intro, copyrights. Easy to config layout variations. Especially you can comfortably display your blocks of content with unlimited main body sections.

Responsive theme: With templates of Multiple Purpose Magento is suitable with all screen from 204 to 1920 pixels. It will increase your sales revenue through many devices and theme elements will be moved softly on every point.

Fully customizable: Go with many color options to give the administrator full control of the theme. Just a few clicks to change color as you wish.

b. Sales & marketing features.

- Google analytics integration: You can control your traffic to know exactly what is the effective marketing channel and then you have a clear plan for your business. In addition, you can improve product management and Merchandising Effectiveness. Magento PrintMart's solution will support the new Universal Analytics, eCommerce, and enhanced eCommerce event tracking.

- Printshop SEO friendly feature: with this feature, your website will index on top google when making SEO by easy way. Because from Magento 2, configuring SEO is smoother when it only contains primary fields that support very well to search the product by search engines.

- Printmart shop by brand: It will increase your sales volume by helping customers give a quick decision on choosing their favorite brands.

- Printmart call for price: with call for price extension for Magento 2, the shop owner can hide price for any products or any categories with many reasons and replace “add to cart” button by “call for price” button.

c. Front-end Key features

- Firstly, Price Matrix Extension for Magento 2 allows a shop owner to displays the pricing table on the product detail page with the final prices after combining many attributes of products together.

- Secondly, Order Upload Extension for Magento 2 helps your customers upload their files or attach file quickly without doing any hacks to core Magento files.

- Last but not least, Premium Magento Online Product Designer extension.  This is a powerful tool for customizing Business cards, T-shirt,  Smartphone & tablet cases, Pillows...

d. Back-end features

- CRM: This is a great extension that Magento Printmart package solution brings for the customers. Users can synchronize Database Magento With Vtiger CRM Extension allows shop owner synchronize data instantly from the Magento website to Vtiger CRM System and vice versa.

- Next, Is is Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento 2. It can turn any Magento stores into the marketplace website. Your sellers will have full control of managing their  sales, products, invoices, etc through a seller Cpanel

- PrintMart Inventory feature

This is the reason that made Magento Printmart package solution great. It makes my website stronger. However, every time they release a new version, you should update them, this should absolutely be done. The features will become more and more complete.

Until now, many people have used Cmsmart products. I noticed and saw that they grew stronger than before. Their working style is very professional. If a customer asks about a product, Cmsmart staff will immediately give you an answer for every question. Very practical and smart.

Up to this point, there are many websites using Magento Printmart and successful with that choice. If you want to ask for more details about any products or services, please leave feedback, I will support you. That's my share for those who are wondering about Magento web to print. Good luck!

How To Install The Theme Package Of Printmart Theme For A Store?

That above article is the "Magento Printmart package solution" tutorial. I hope this article has brought you much useful information. You can try this product at Magento PrintMart DEMO. If you need any help figuring please feel free to contact Our Support team and we will be happy to help. If you have any questions about the product, please contact Vincent at the contact information below. He is willing to answer your questions. Remembering to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% discount for this item.

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