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Magento Product Video Extension

Yes, your seller can easily upload the video in front end.
Magento Product Video Extension is well working on CE so don’t worry about that.
This extension works well on default, it is compatible with all themes on market place now, so you totally can rest assured
The renewal cost will be 65% of the product price.
So I think you should use our recurring service, with just $28.8 for each 6 months you will get many benefits below:
- Support domain license for each 6 months
- Unlimited tickets support
- Download & upgrade new version
Many customers use that standard version and almost all of them come back and use our recurring service because of its benefits.
Especially, you can get free upgrade whenever we release the new version
You can find demo admin link in landing page
It depends on the how many domain license support that you purchase.
You can configure the width and height of video in admin at the following link: System/config/productvideo/
Its ok, we will support you in 1 domain. If you want to install our product on the test page, we can do it for you.
After that, you can upload our code to your live site
Yes, You can upload as much as you want, it will shows with a slider on your product details page.
Customers can upload video from direct link( Youtube, Vimeo, dailymotion, twitch) or from local (mp4, flv)
Yes, you can set the maximum file size in the backend.
Product rating: 5 star rating
2018, May 04

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