In everyday life we always have to wait for various things in various place for example shopping, check out, in hospital, in the restaurant, in the street… We use the internet because it allows us to reach all the world and do many things with no wait such as traveling, chatting with friends, doing business, finishing works on the screen.

What are the reasons make display speed become an essential feature of any online store?

  • Thanks to Magento, customers have more choices from many online stores all the world. One of the most important competitive advantages is display speed. Your store may have great products, low prices, the most beautiful interface, but if itis too slow, people will just not use it because they can find another online store with ease. In the online market, you have ability to serve thousands of customers at the same time with immediate service. That’s exactly what customer expect.
  • Many surveys have shown that loading time has the direct impact on customer satisfaction, conversions, and sales. It is proven that 1-second delay in loading time results in 7% fewer conversions. Amazon discovered that 100ms of latency costs them 1% less revenue. On the other hand, statistics show that websites are getting slower every year. It is almost like they are losing money on purpose.
  • Every website becomes more complex day by day. We use bigger screens and upload bigger images with more color on our website, and that is the main reason why web pages are lower loading. Around 60% of page weight consists of images. So that find a solution to improve display speed is urgency with every online store owners.
  • Nowadays, mobile phone industry is rapidly growing up with screens are getting bigger. Everyone at least has a smartphone for themselves. Applications for mobile phone are researching and improving day by day. If you are a business and you want to increase your sales you must learn about the e-commerce on the mobile phone. So that improve display speed on the mobile website is also necessary.

How can we improve the website display speed?

There are effective ways to this issue. In this article we want to mention some solution as below:

  • Determine a performance budget: Your “budget” may be the list of your goals early in the planning phase such as requests, page weight, loading time… If you can foresee your goals, it is easier to archive them on your website. For example, if you set a goal to have a homepage under 700Kb and content slider with 3 full-screen images, it is going to be impossible to balance and set up your website follow it.there are three options in this solution:
  • Optimize an existing feature or asset on the page.
  • Remove an existing feature or asset from the page.
  • Don’t add the new feature or asset.
  • Squeeze the last Kb out of your website. The main goals of optimization are:
  • Reduce http requests
  • Reduce file sizes
  • Reduce latency
  • Optimize critical rendering path
  • Use responsible Magento themes: you can install into your Magento website, and set up the configuration on color, layout…Magento mobile theme will switch to the mobile mode automatically. After that, you have a perfect mobile supported website and the buyer can easily do shopping and payment through their mobile phone with ease. It is an available way to improve the speed of website display effectively and so convenience in manage. You can find many responsible Magento themes on Cmsmart. For example, some hottest responsible theme for magento for online store are:

1. Magento Amazon theme integrated multi vendor package: This is the best choice for people who want to build a website like Amazon with many advanced features, the unique interface and the powerful core theme. Now you buy 1 package and get both Magento 1 & Magento 

2. Magento marketplace theme with multi vendor package: if you are also an online shop owner and you are looking for a perfect website theme supporting for the aim of selling plenty of items to increase sale volume, I highly recommend that you should choose Magento 2 multivendor: Magento 2 Megashop Theme support Multiple Stores. It is the pride and includes all the enthusiasm of professional developer team from Netbase.

3. Magento Printmart website theme: This theme gives you a full solution to build a complete printing website for T-shirt, mugs, blankets, etc. and it is suitable for all printing enterprise businesses.

All you need to do is downloading responsible theme for Magento, installing the Quickstart on your hosting in just 5 minutes. You will be ready to speedy your website display.