In the context of social distancing Covid-19, the need for salon spa software has increased more than ever. Therefore, salon and spa software or scheduling software is one of the indispensable concerns of shop owners. So, what exactly is salon spa software? And as a beginner starting this business, what do you need to know about salon online booking? The following tutorial will answer all your questions.  

1. What Salon Spa Software Is?

What Salon Spa Software Is?

Salon spa software is software that comes with a complete set of tools and features to help the salon owners and staff run a salon business effectively and efficiently 

According to the Facts & Factors research study, the global spas and salons market was estimated at USD 144.48 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 217.25 billion by 2026. However, recent data from Phorest Salon Software said only 54% of appointment bookings happen during salon and spa opening hours. That means salons and spas potentially lose out on up to a half of bookings if they don’t provide clients the option to book online or with app booking. According to other research, 36% of millennials - Gen Y who are 25-34-year-olds said they want to see online booking on a salon’s website, and 43% of Gen Z clients who are 18-24-year-olds expect the same option. 

Recent research illustrates that Gen Y are earning more than ever before and they enjoy spending their cash online, so it’s important to get online booking. Even the 54% of bookings that happen during working hours are taking place on the go, or from clients’ busy workplaces. Online booking gives clients the option to book on their time before they miss out on the last appointment with you and go to your competitor. 

What do the numbers tell us about? Right! It is really essential that salons have online schedule salon software, particularly those whose clients are in this younger demographic. 

Salon software is software that comes with a complete set of tools and features to help the salon owners and staff run a salon business effectively and efficiently. So, what exactly a salon software? Does my business really need it? Or What is the best salon software for my own?

The detail as below: 

2. Standout Features That A Salon Spa Software Need To Have

Appointment Management 

Standout Features That A Salon Spa Software Need To Have

An appointment booking system solution, also known as an appointment scheduling solution or appointment management software, is a solution that makes it easy for service providers to manage appointments. The tools within an appointment management solution can include: Internet booking; Mobile app booking; User interface for call center workers. 

Marketing Campaigns

In the modern competitive salon and spa industry, sufficient marketing can make or break your business. Discover a variety of professional and attractive templates so you can quickly and easily promote your business, and grow your revenue! Automatically set up “Thank you for trusting us, “Happy Birthday”, and “Hope you satisfy with all services”’ campaigns that are ready to go with a few simple clicks. 

It’s not just about sending some emails, it’s about optimizing your salon marketing efforts to produce maximum positive growth. With this feature, you can see all your active recurring and one-time campaigns with open rate visibility, and the number of emails sent. 

Billing And POS Processing

Enables users to generate bills and process payments through multiple methods, including cash, debit, and credit cards or electronic wallets. This feature allows customers to regain gift coupons or services using a point-of-sale solution.


Create reports on customer satisfaction by service categories or stylists, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, track staff performance and form an opinion of business trends.

Customer Management

Allows users to capture useful information about customers that help in supporting marketing campaigns. It includes features such as capturing customer feedback, segmenting and categorizing customers, and tracking customer spend.

Staff Management

The salon spa software allows the owners to manage almost all things effectively in one system only, such as supervising the staff, a number of products, appointments, or customer relationship management. The salon needs a simple and effective salon online booking software that provides extensive features along with flexibility. 

Inventory Management

An integrated inventory management system is another necessary asset to your spas and salons. If you are a retailer, you’ll definitely want this feature in your hands. The system will help follow all your inventory by making adjustments to quantities each time there is a new product, sale, or return product shipment. Obviously, if you have available products in stock so your clients have what they want to purchase available in the salon. 

The inventory management system also helps you stay away from over-buying. This feature is especially useful for slower-moving products. Important features that need to be considered with inventory management software are the ability to do mass updates and uploading. You’ll want running-low alerts and integrated ordering for when you need to purchase more products for retail or your back bar. With a feature to set running low reminders, you’ll know when to order more products without having to count bottles on your shelves. 

Email Integration

Email is a fantastic and effective method to communicate with your customers. It is a perfect source of marketing that helps in implementing the campaigns and collecting the data from customers. Using email marketing helps you keep in touch with your customers directly.

Social Media Marketing 

In this modern age, we can not ignore social media marketing. This communicates with customers even better than email. Get connected with social media users so that it results in increased engagement with people over the internet. Apparently, the salon software integrated social media profiles of customers gives a great advantage to them. 

3. Why Should We Use Salon Spa Software?

Business Automation

Salon software streamlines and automates various processes of salon business operations

By automating manual business processes, time can be saved and operational efficiency can be improved so that more customers can be served. It also allows you to focus more on service quality and customer relationships.

For example, with an automated scheduling system, your employees don't have to waste time answering calls. Instead, they can use the saved time to communicate with customers and better serve them. In addition, your customers may also like the convenience of being able to book appointments online.

Because salon software streamlines and automates various processes of salon business operations, it reduces the scope of human intervention from day-to-day tasks and also the errors resulting from it. It improves the productivity of your employees, ensures that your business runs smoothly, and also helps you build strong connections with your new and existing customers. All of this can have a substantial impact on your bottom line.

Because salon software can simplify and automate various processes of salon business operations, it can reduce the scope of human intervention in daily tasks and the resulting errors. It can increase employee productivity, ensure that your business runs smoothly, and it can also help you establish strong connections with new and existing customers. All of these will have a major impact on your bottom line. 

Organized Booking Calendar

You can see the appointments or schedules of all customers at a glance, which makes it easier to organize your calendar. You can do this on the backend. Some software applications, such as Salesvu’s iPad free salon and spa application (also available in the cloud version), allow you (the salon owner) to check the number of customers who have booked the service, get real-time booking notifications, cancel notifications, purchase any products or Service, etc. You can also turn on notifications for group bookings. Simplifying appointments can achieve a seamless process because it helps prevent double bookings on the client side. In this way, they can see which dates are available for booking without causing overlapping dates.

You can view the appointments or schedules of all customers at a glance, which makes organizing your calendar easier. You can do this on the backend. Some software applications, such as Salesvu’s iPad free salon and spa applications (also available in the cloud version), allow you (the salon owner) to check the number of customers who have booked services, get real-time booking notifications, and cancellation notifications, Purchase any product or service, etc. You can also turn on notifications for group bookings. Simplifying appointments can achieve a seamless process because it helps prevent clients from rebooking. In this way, they can see which dates are available for booking without causing overlapping dates.

Easy Payment 

Salon Spa Software

Salon spa software offers flexibility in creating payments for the client.

Thanks to the spa and salon management software package, payment is not any longer a boring task. you'll be able to integrate the system of creating payments through the spa and salon management software package. The software package is integrated with multiple payment choices that offer flexibility in creating payments for the client.

Loyalty Program

If you would like to draw in customers, you also want to incorporate loyalty programs. The spa and salon management software will facilitate push loyalty programs and interaction among the purchasers. If your potential customers like it, they may modify it and find a lot of customers. 

Makes Your Business Look Professional

The key to standing with the exception of your competitors is to look professional. Not a software system will ease the operation however helps you seem like professionals. As a result, you'll attract a lot of customers. The other vital factor is to post something related to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the shopper's square measure cautious in going to any spa and salon. However, having a totally automatic system instills confidence in them regarding your spa or salon. 

Integrating a Spa and Salon management system with your business is essential in a fast-paced world where everything is tech-based. People are more comfortable with a business that adopts new technology and tools for better customer service and smooth functioning. If you are in a spa or salon business, it’s time to converge your businesses from traditional to technology savvy with the help of spa and salon management software.

Integrating a Spa and Salon management system together with your business is important during a fast world wherever everything is tech-based. folks square measure softer with a business that adopts new technology and tools for higher client service and sleek functioning. If you're in a spa or salon business, it’s time to converge your businesses from ancient to technology savvy with the assistance of a spa and salon management package. 

Centralizing Customer Information

Salon spa business is about providing a complete customer experience to your customers. This should be your number one priority if you wish to run a successful salon or spa. 

An excellent business strategy is to collect as much information as you can about your customers and clients to serve them better. By tracking their own personal details such as phone numbers, birth dates, addresses, purchase history, their services, and transaction records, you can set up focused marketing campaigns for them. 

Earlier, salon and spa centers used to either write down details in a diary or use excel sheets to store essential business data. The method was not only prone to various errors but also time-consuming, such manual running also slowed down operations. 

Salon software systems will automatically collect information and store it electronically. Salon management systems act as a centralized database for all the information about your business and your clients. 

These systems will allow you to access the data from any device anywhere with a secure internet connection. You also have the option to restrict access to authorized personnel only. This data can go a long way in helping you build personal relations with your customers and make smart business decisions.

Saves Money On The Stock

At the point when you over-request stock, you’re throwing money down the drain, particularly if your stock has an expiration date. With salon and spa software, you can keep track of how much stock you have in the back office and diminish misfortune from theft and missed expiration dates. You can also use this online tool to identify peak sales periods and your best-selling items, so you’ll always have the correct stock levels whenever you need them. 

Attracts Clients

There's significantly more you need to communicate with your customers now. It's indispensable that you’re readily able to share time-sensitive updates and let your customers know about any new protocols at your salon and spa. It's important that you share your resuming shortlist they can join, as well. 

Reduces Overhead Costs

To build up and maintain a business, you will definitely need to invest in numerous areas including your office, staff, stock, and marketing. Salon spa software can help you handle all that cost.

4. What Type Of Buyer Are You? 

What Type Of Buyer Are You?

Type of Buyer

Choosing the right salon spa software depends on the size of the business. Consider the following buyer types:

Small businesses and individual professionals: Small businesses typically operate in small establishments with five employees or less or individual capacities. For a business where overseeing everyday arrangements is the first concern, a salon spa management solution that focuses primarily on appointment management will typically suffice. For those businesses with employees that are constantly on the go, an online solution may be ideal, particularly ideal that has a mobile app or is mobile-friendly. 

Private Companies And Individual Experts

Small organizations ordinarily work in singular limits or as little foundations with five representatives or less. For organizations where overseeing every day arrangements are the first concern, a salon the board arrangement that centers fundamentally around arrangement the executives will ordinarily do the trick. For those organizations with representatives that are continually in a hurry, an electronic arrangement might be ideal, especially one that has a versatile application or is portable and well disposed of. 

Midsize Businesses

As businesses grow in size and volume, it becomes especially important to be able to capture customer data. This data can be analyzed and segmented further to generate targeted marketing campaigns that focus on customer loyalty and retention. An ideal solution for these types of businesses should have the ability to offer customer management and marketing campaign management features, in addition to an appointment scheduling feature. 

Large Enterprises

Large enterprises require software that helps them operate multiple tasks at one interface only. These tasks are POS billing, creating work orders with the vendor to replenish stocks, tracking inventory, and gift card management, employee attendance tracking, pieces of training management, and extensive reporting capabilities. For these types of businesses, a salon spa management solution that gives them the option to pick and choose modules according to their company's needs is an ideal solution. 

5. Tips For Picking The Best Salon Spa Software Solution For Your Business

Know Your Goals First 

Know Your Goals First

You should be clear about all of the “must-haves” that a software program needs 

The first thing you should do before choosing a salon software solution is worked out exactly what your goals are in using such a product. Each business has different needs after all, and each software company provides different services, features, and benefits, so it’s important to find a solution that aligns nicely. To do this, you should be clear about all of the “must-haves” that a software program needs to tick off your list of requirements. Having a checklist will help you to ensure you choose software that does everything you need it to do.

Some people, for example, maybe looking for a simple, cost-effective point-of-sale system that also lets them schedule appointments. In addition, others may follow something more comprehensive, such as software that can also handle payroll, inventory, automated marketing, online booking, reporting, scheduling and salon and client management.

On the other hand, you might be after software that has a mobile application so that you can schedule bookings from anywhere and manage on the go, or a system that provides customized e-newsletter campaigns; allows receipts to be emailed, or creates standing appointments or appointments reminders. 

No matter what your needs are, if you’re clear about them upfront you’ll be much better placed to find the right long-term software solution.

Compare Prices And Plans

Of course, when it comes to choosing a software provider, price is always going to be one of the most important factors you must consider. As you analyze the different companies in the salon software market, be aware that different vendors structure their fees in different ways, so you will have to pay for it. say you are comparing apples to apples before subscribing to anyone.

As you will see at the beginning of your research, software companies usually charge a monthly plan or a fixed upfront fee. Monthly plan providers tend to have different levels of plans to choose from, with each tier comprising different features.

You may find that there are basic packages with add-ons available for an extra price, or bundles that offer every possible feature, along with the right packages somewhere. Use your checklist of “must-haves” as you go through the various options available so that you can determine which will suit you best.

Ensure Support Is Available

Next, don't forget that any time you need to choose a software program, you should make sure it comes with customer support for the days you might need. Of course, you always hope that the systems are running every day, year after year, you need to have the option to get support if something goes wrong. After all, you don't want to miss out on sales or offend your loyal customers because your scheduling system pre-booked twice as many employees or your point-of-sale system is underperforming. fruit.

When comparing potential software providers, find out exactly what kind of support is provided by each one and if there are any additional fees for this service. Look for a company that offers comprehensive customer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This assistance also needs to be provided through multiple communication channels, such as by phone, email and live chat.

Check The Software Company’s Level Of Data Security

Finally, keep in mind that in the digital age where hackers are always trying to break into systems to steal payment data and sensitive customers, it's important to choose only one software solution that offers the highest security level available. You need to ensure that information like credit card numbers, customer contact details and so on are kept safe from prying eyes.

When evaluating potential companies, ask them what security precautions they take. As for the point of sale section of your system, you want to find a solution that boasts data encryption, billing address security, CVV2 verification, complex encryption algorithms, and how limited information is submitted and stored online.

6. Comparison Top 5 Best Salon Spa Software In 2021

6.1 Fresha -  Top Schedule Salon Software

Salon Spa Software

Fresha is one of the best Salon Spa software booking software available. Simple and powerful online booking software is its strength for your business. Fresha is accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime. The interface for both clients and operators, it's smooth, it's easy as can be, the price is unbeatable, and the customer service is excellent... However, their new Fresha pricing system is hidden in their description words of the product and there is one main feature that is missing. There is no option to create or incorporate add-on's for appointments when booking. Add-ons are offerings that clients may desire to receive and pay for in addition to their original booking.

6.2 CMSMART - Best Salon Spa Software

Salon Spa Software

Back end of Retreat Club -  The shortest way to understand this product

Since 2012, Cmsmart provides Reliable Ecommerce Solutions for StartUps, SMEs and Enterprise Businesses around the world. CMSmart has Retreat Club - the Wordpress Theme For Beauty Salon with the layout adapts to the screen size of whatever devices your visitors are using.

Retreat Club is accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime. Let your clients effortlessly book directly through your own website, Facebook or Insta page, and auto send personalized appointment messages. This is a perfect salon spa software for any beauty booking site who need advanced WordPress feature & constant support and for businesses with large volumes of bookings, special features development booking and special WP support & customer development. 

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6.3 ZENOTI - Best Salon And Spa Software

Salon Spa Software

Zenoti is a cloud-based business solution used by spas, salons, med spas, yoga, and fitness studios of all sizes. Business features include appointment scheduling, billing, marketing, inventory, payroll, and configurable reports all in a centralized database that delivers a consistent, unified experience across multiple locations

Customers can access touchless technology such as online booking, self-check-in, digital forms, and queue manager, all designed to elevate the experience, reduce wait times, and eliminate unnecessary touch. Mobile POS moves the Point-of-Sale experience to the service chair and empowers employees with access to everything at the touch of a button on their personal mobile device, including revising invoices and taking payments. 

6.4 Shortcuts Software - Best Salon Online Booking

Salon Spa Software

Shortcuts Software makes it easy to book and keep track of client history and services. Great business reports and training videos help us to keep our business on track. Overall pleased with service. The ability to login and see appointments and have online booking has been very beneficial. So many features from inventory to customer appreciation to scheduling clients with one too many employees. I know a few salons that use this software and love it. Overall great experience with using the Shortcuts software package. Support is great from Shortcuts, they can dial in fix issues if they can't be resolved over the phone via Teamviewer. 

However it is not having the ability to enter middle initials, and last name suffixes is a shortcoming as well as not providing a daily report on hair cut times is a big disadvantage as a high volume shop with 8 stations.

6.5 Salonist - Best Salon Spa Software

Salon Spa Software

Salonist - Salon Software For Salons & Spas

Salonist is a cloud-based pet grooming solution that helps grooming salon owners manage day-to-day business operations. Key features offered by Salonist include staff management, appointment scheduling, and client records management.

The scheduling feature assists users in booking and modifying appointments in the calendar. The staff management feature helps owners manage employee information including attendance, employee schedules, employee training, and more. The client records feature helps users maintain client information including appointment history, client preferences, future bookings, and contact details. The solution also assists users with alerts and reminders for pending payments, membership renewals, client birthdays, anniversaries, and more. However, it is not multi-lingual.

In Conclusion

We can not deny the benefits that online booking software brings for us in the modern age especially for spas and salons. If you have any questions or comments relating to salon spa software, don’t hesitate to contact us with the information below, we are a CMSMART team with the full available solutions and customize for any demand relating to salon software. 

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