WordPress MultiStore version 3.7.0

Hi all! It's been a long time since I have written about the marketplace website. Now, we are living in the new decade, 2020. And fortunately, I had the opportunity to talk to you about e-commerce and e-commerce markets. Today, they are not only the trend but also the reality that anyone must face.

If you want to business in the new decade, you only have 2 choices. You can become a website admin or vendors. If you choose Admin, that is great! If so you will need a completed solution for your website. WordPress Woocommerce Marketplace Theme, that's not a bad idea!

In this article, I will tell you about some features in WordPress Marketplace version 3.7.0 that I think that they are quite amazing. Now, let's go!

1. Woocommerce Store Locator Pro

This is an amazing Feature! It allows your users to find stores nearby or close to a customer location. You can use the Import Tool to setup multiple Stores locations in seconds. Customers can find out nearby stores to buy the product they want. That is very convenient.

2. Integrate Product Sync Feature

With this feature, you can sync your products from one WooCommerce Website to the other Website when you add or update a product. In Addition, you can sync bulk products on multiple e-commerce websites. It is the perfect solution for Store owners if they have separate e-commerce websites. With this feature, you can sync product information of vendor from their Woocommerce Website to your marketplace Website or vice versa. Besides, your vendors and you can share all information and provide products quickly to customers, improve revenues, and profit. It saves a lot of time for you and your vendor. That is wonderful!

3. Fixed

Finally, the CMSmart team fixed not show the product image in the Product Tabs widget. You will not need to worry about that.

Above are some changes in WordPress Marketplace in version 3.7.0. I hope this article has brought you some useful information. If you have any questions about WordPress PrintStore Package, please contact us at CMSmart Support Team We are willing to answer all of your questions. See you again in the next article! 

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