Dear our beloved customers,

If you are in the process of building an e-commerce website or have already been running one, congratulations on finding your goal. This writing is a summary of the testimonial from one of our customers, who have experienced our Magento printmart Solution product and caring service as well. Visit our live demo to know how it works.

Clara, our customer, is firmly sure that she has made a perfect choice when deciding to build her printing online shop on the Magento platform over hundreds of other big brands. To her, Magento is the number 1 as it meets all the requirements of and e-commerce website. However, using only its default features is not enough to make her store be the leading e-commerce web-to-print website in the print industry. That is why in the very first steps of building it, she had given all her efforts to find a supportive solution. Fortunately, Clara, thanks to her friend’s introduction, had found Cmsmart and decided to purchase Magento PrintMart Solution for operating and upgrading her website.                  

Clara commented on Magento PrintMart Solution that it was an extremely powerful product with professional care team, clear sales policy and a reasonable range of price. She was amazed by its helpful features and the thoughtful caring team. More importantly, what makes her happy the most is that the product is frequently updated and gets better over time. Every time she updates a new version, Cmsmart will immediately email her to share some preliminary instructions. Besides, she can also to visit Cmsmart website for detailed information about each product from introductory text to meticulous instructional videos. 

After over a year using our product, Clara said that was an “excellent experience”. She now can navigate her website on her own even though she is absolutely not an expert in website development or technology. In fact, at first, she asked a friend of her for help but he was too busy to take care of the store properly, so, to avoid site degradation, Clara had to rely on the customer service team of Cmsmart. The result was extremely wonderful as their working style is very professional. If a customer asks about a product, Cmsmart staff will immediately give you an answer for every question. Very practical and smart. 

Clara also listed some highlight features and benefits she gained from using our product:

  • Powerful Storefront: Magento PrintMart Solution allows Multiple Layouts like home page section, slideshow, sidebar, footer, etc. along with responsive theme and fully customizable display. 

  • Sales and marketing support: Magento PrintMart Solution provides some sales and marketing features which boost up efficiency of those gadgets such as Google analytics integration, SEO friendly feature. 

  • Customizable font-end: Shop owner can display the pricing table, change website theme, install color swatch feature and allow customers to upload their files to order. 

  • Flexible back-end: CRM system is a great extension which allows shop owner synchronize data instantly from Magento website to Vtiger CRM system and vice versa. They can also have fully control their sales, products, invoices, etc via s seller panel. 

Testimonial of printing solution provided by Cmsmart from Cmsmart Netbase on Vimeo. We hope you find this feedback helpful. For more products information, please access link: Please do not hesitate to raise further questions about our products, contact our Sales Consultant Manager for your convenience. And do not forget using coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% Discount for this item.   

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