According to the data collected until April 2015, only on Facebook, each day, there were roughly 4 billion videos played back and this data increased doubly (8 billion) in August 2015. Cisco gave the prognostication that by 2019, the amount of traffic on the Internet streaming to video content will reach 80% of the total. Moreover, a research firm called Demand Metric did a survey by asking the professional B2B marketers, the result revealed that 74% of people asked to agree that videos can convert better and more efficient than content types. So, it is not exaggerated that video has taken an enormous step forward in recently and by and by becoming an indispensable part of each marketing strategies. The large businesses and corporations no longer invest too much on just content, they put more effort into videos and small and medium businesses are not exceptional, they also take part in that big party.

Following that trend as well as market demand, in this article, we will analyze the value of combination between video marketing and Magento extensions, especially with Magento product video extension, let's start:

Search engine

The giant Google always highly appreciates and like videos. Why can we affirm like that? Because Google decided to acquire Youtube in 2006, at that time, they had recognized the potential of videos, they saw the future development of video as well as the benefits it brings to owners. If you think that example was in 10 years ago, let's take more recent proof. When you search a keyword such as "how to do something", among the results return, the videos related to the keywords are usually nearly on the top of the page. You search the name of a song, the video will always appear first. Google loves the video and you should, too.

Social Media

The popularity of videos on social networking sites almost reaches the saturation level. Not only Facebook or Twitter but also entire networks such as Snapchat, Vine, Periscope have developed around videos.

Internet Consumers

From the point of view of savvy Internet consumers, videos are preferred because they are like the bridge that links the gap between online shopping and the traditional in-store experience. One minute video will worth 1.8 million words. The video will require more creativity for what they are selling but impress visitors stronger. It is undeniable that the value of video is more than a shallow attraction, especially with businesses that sell technical products and services at higher-end price points, if they combine the video marketing trend with Magento extensions, they will gain the amazing advantages over the rivals. Here is one of the most effective Magento extensions for you to refer:

This Magento product video Extension will allow admin to upload any videos from a variety of sources such as Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. to your Magento store. Here is the full list of outstanding features that you should never ignore:

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  • Adding or uploading multi-videos and images
  • Uploading videos from different sources
  •  YouTube API usage
  • Uploading Video from front-end
  • Managing all videos in the back end
  • Multi-display types including both images and videos
  • Rating videos
  • Approving video upload in Pending VideoThere are still a lot of features waiting for you to explore, we are sure that if you try it, you will totally satisfy with what it brings to your business.