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Currently, the e-commerce industry has a very fast growth rate. That helps product suppliers have direct and fastest access to consumers. If you want to have an eye-catching, attractive and complete website with powerful features, let's visit Cmsmart. We would like to offer  "Printshop - web to print WordPress". A super product that is storming the print industry. This plugin helps print business owners build an eye-catching website, give your customers a forgettable experience.

As you know, the requirements of customers are increasing, requiring the business to continually change and update the trend. So, don't worry, we will regularly update this plugin to best meet the needs of every customer. We have just released the latest version 5.5.2. In this version, we have updated some amazing features which I will introduce in this article.

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Let’s find out what you can do with this 5.5.2 version

1. Printcart package:

  • Fixed: CSS star rating

Star Rating is a utility for surveying and evaluating users of the Website. Having a star rating utility makes our website will be more professional, especially when your website is a sales website, getting feedback from customers is very important, so you can adjust service specifications. , interface, product information ... to serve customers better and better. In the previous version, this feature has bugs. However, our developer has fixed this bug. Now, you can easily receive survey results from customers about your website and products.

  • Fixed: Position of button design works with all options

In version 5.5.2, we have a fixed position of button design that works with all options. We apologize for this inconvenience

2. Printshop package:

  • Fixed: Some CSS error

We always try to build an eye-catching and attractive website for our customers. In the latest version, we have fixed some CSS errors. We hope it will bring you the best experience for you.

  • Update: Dokan seller registration form

We came to know that, some Dokan store owners were expecting flexibilities in creating Registration forms. Therefore, we have updated the Dokan seller registration form.

3. Both packages:

  • Improved: Rewrite clear cache for Price Matrix

Flexible Table Pricing Matrix feature helps your site display two or more variations of a variable product in the form of a pricing table instead of showing them in drop-down boxes. Save a huge time for your customers to get the final price! We always want to ensure that it will not encounter any problems during your usage. In this version, we rewrite the cache clearing for the price matrix.

  • Improved: Rewrite module PDF Creator

PDFCreator supports you to easily manage documents. You can create PDFs from documents that contain important information. Not only that, but you can also use the file's security features to keep your file safe. PDFCreator is a great solution for you. You can be assured that your file will always look the same and will be compatible with any PDF software no matter what system or software it is created with. Our developer has rewritten the module PDF Creator in the latest version. Hope you are satisfied!

  • Improved: Support Chinese-characters for PDF Creator

I know a lot of people when exporting data to PDF that have problems with Chinese characters. When a Chinese character is in the path or document name, the output pdf file will be blank. This is inconvenient for people who often use Chinese in the Paths document

  • Fixed: Price matrix does not display properly currency symbol

The currency symbol helps you know which currency the product is in and convert it to the value of the currency you are using. Price Matrix does not display properly currency symbols (We are extremely sorry about this). But, This problem has been solved and updated right away in this released version! Now, you can use the Price Matrix.

  • Fixed order upload can not attach the file

The product order file allows customers to enter information about the products they want to order. You can place an Order by entering product information into a file with a clear information sheet and attaching a file. It helps customers avoid confusion when ordering.

This feature has bugs in previous versions. Don't worry, we have fixed the bug (Many thanks to our developer for fixing this bug quickly). However, if there are any problems, please report it to us immediately. We will be really appreciated your kind feedback on this new version.

  • Fixed: FAQs does not display properly

The FAQ is a collection of the most frequently asked questions and answers to support users and customers. When customers or users have questions or problems, we will provide information quickly, accurately and consistently. This is an important feature of any website. However, FAQs do not display properly is a bug in the previous version. The good news is that our developers have fixed this bug.

We always try to bring satisfaction to customers. Therefore, we have updated plugin Netbase Solution 1.8.0, Netbase Dashboard 1.2.1, Dokan Pro 2.9.13, Slider Revolution 6.1.2. 

Above are my sharing about features version 5.5.2 of Printshop - web to print solution. And this is Demo of product, you can click here LIVE DEMO. Hopefully, the article has brought some useful information for you. If you have any questions, feel free to feedback HERE. My colleagues and I are willing to support you. Thank you for reading and keep following us to get more information on the next article! Bye, See you soon!

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