NB Designer is an online design product, a powerful tool for Webshops to print. It is very useful for both print shop owners and their customers. The free Media Library that is available on the WooC Commerce Online Designer Plugin and the print function are outstanding features compared to our competitors.
We put a lot of enthusiasm into this product and are constantly changing as well as adding features to meet the needs of our customers.
We have just launched a new version of the product, version 2.7.2. This version brings a lot of changes and I believe it will make you happy. 

Let's find out what version 2.7.2 will bring!

Google Static Map

Normally when printing on shirts, what will you print? Will you print super cool images, print lovely images, good banner text, or follow the current Trend? Or just a cute little chibi. But no, an interesting idea is why we don't print a place on our T-shirts. Not the image of that place, but the address as a Google Map? The idea is quite interesting, of course. I also made a shirt with the image of my house already. How about you? Let's try it! I believe this is a pretty great and unique idea and certainly. This is also a unique gift for your loved ones.



Design Monitor And LiveChat

LiveChat is an online chat solution that allows you to track and chat with your website visitors.
Your customers will be supported faster than email and more efficiently than phones.
With LiveChat, your customers no longer have to wait!

Add - Printing FAQs

Creating a set of FAQs to support customers via LiveChat when you are absent or unable to support customers in time, Help Center is an effective support tool to attract demanding customers.

It is inevitable that when customers need support but you do not support them, they will look to other stores to buy. A set of FAQs integrated on Livechat will be your savior.

Add - Cloud API export PDF

You usually use your hosts to export to different file formats for storage, but the most frequent error is font errors when saving to PDF or JPG files. So we have the solution for you.

We simply use our API to export the design to PDF instead of using their host: the advantage of the API is to limit Font errors when designing.

How do you feel about this feature? I think these features are quite enough for your business to date. So what are you waiting for without registering? We will try to bring more interesting and more trendy features to you in the future.


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Hopefully, with the new features in this edition, the Online Product Design Plugin can nurture your creativity while maximizing your ability to transform your designs. If there are any problems with using the product, please contact us to get the best support. Thank you for listening!

Best regards.