If you usually use Twitter, you may know that in several months ago, hashtag #Magento2forsmallbussiness is so hot. There were a lot of discussion about the topic: if Magento 2 can fit the small business sector? With some people, they immediately affirm strictly that Magento 2 is only used for medium businesses and enterprise market while others claim that Magento 2 can be used for everyone, including small businesses. They have their own reasons to protect their opinions. Someone suppose that Magento 2 can be used for small businesses because it makes them be outstanding, improves flexibility as well as craves the ability to grow down the line. However, some people review that Magento 2 is too expensive ( price for host and maintaining are too high) and complicated to develop.

So complicated, right? I will draw a whole picture, very big picture about Magento market, in terms of both Magento 1.x and Magento 2 in this article. Hope you find it useful.

If we turn back to 2008, Magento 1.x seemed not to be suitable and feasible for running in small business sector. Until Magento community was born and became popular, Magento has been truly feasible for the implementation and maintenance of small business.

Initially, Magento 1.x was actually expensive to host. But 2018 is coming, Magento 1 has been improved a lot and step by step become perfect: more effective and less expensive. Magento 1 has hosting companies run by technicians. Those people have as much background in the Magento application and its infrastructure as they do in the art of managing web servers. It’s just a matter of time until these same folks break down Magento 2 and turn its hosting into a science of its own.

Magento 1 is not as expensive as before, with thousand Magento extensions available in the market now, small business can choose freely to find the suitable extensions at the price from $99 to $199.

Magento 1 didn’t start out with a huge development community either. Community leaders people look up to today didn’t start out as leaders, they forged a path alongside Magento 1. I am sure there are tons of other people whom I don’t know, who have done amazing things for and in the community of Magento. There were no fancy talk shows dedicated to Magento, no swanky conferences at billion-dollar hotels. There weren’t even any free t-shirts & backpacks. Magento 1 was an idea that grew and grew and grew, fueled by those who created it.

So, I am sure that Magento 2 may initially start out as a product geared towards medium-sized businesses and enterprises. That might be true. At first. BUT, if the community is willing to get behind it from a product growth standpoint, see the value in building for it, and most importantly, figure out how to make a profit?