Your site must be running on WordPress 3.1 or higher, PHP5.3 or higher, and MySQL 5 or higher.

Recommended PHP Configuration Limits: many issues that you may encounter, for example, cannot update new version, cannot login admin Online Designer, the selected product shows blank and so on…All these issues are related to low PHP Configuration Limits. The solution is to increase the PHP. You can do this by yourself or ask your website admin.

Please make sure that your server is supported:

fix_pathinfo = 1

allow_url_fopen = on

upload_max_filesize = 100M

Server supported JSON

Note: This is step by step you can check environment requirements:

Create file info.php

Add content to this file:

<?php echo phpinfo(); ?>

Upload to your host folder-your-site/info.php

Open link and check all options.

If your server does not support you, please call to host manager and ask for support.