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Orders Management in the Backend:

The Orders of products included design will be managed separately right in the backend. The store owner can view design image for each order, approve design or not and download the design image and output PDF

Colors Management in the Backend:

If the store owner wants customers just to customize the product design with their provided colors, they can add these colors right in the back-end. And the shop owner also can edit and delete these colors as well

Design Template Management

The Store Owner can enable "Online Design" for any products right in the Backend. At the same time, they can customize design product dimension, design area, select design image and add design template...

Fonts Management in the Backend:

Your customers can change fonts style in the Frontend if these fonts are available in the Backend. The store owner can add/delete the Google Fonts and Custom Fonts (by selecting 2 file types" .ttf and .woff")

Free Hand Drawing:

You use "free drawing" function on the design product to create images as you expect. At the same time, you can customize " free drawing" layers such as select brush, color, brush dimension & shape color

Arts Management in the Backend:

Your customers select arts from clipart library which are added by the store owner in the Backend. The store owner can add the unlimited arts and manage them as well in the Backend

Variety sample image:

Your customers can add the images on the design product from many sources such as the local computer, Facebook, Instagram, Webcam & image URL Especially, you also customize the image layers

Variety clipart:

Add clip art function allows your customers to add arts from clip art library and customize art layer Add clip art function allows your customers to add arts from clip art library and customize art layer

Powerful Help Tools:

More tools are included in the extension as next, previous, align, zoom,... All buttons are arranged clearly to be convenient for customers when they want to use it

Varlous element:

There are 400+ shapes and 25,000+ icons available which you can express your feeling in the best way. You can searchour favorite elements by name

The setting thumbnail of Design Image

The store owner can configure some parameters for the design thumbnail image such as thumbnail dimension and quantity right in the Backend

Provide the shop owner's email:

The shop owner will enter the contact email right in the Backend and it will be displayed in "My Product Design" tab of the account page

Customer's Designs Management:

All customers' designs will be managed in the customer account and they will receive the approval or reject information here

On/Off function in Main Design Menu:

The store owner can turn on/off function such as add text, add art, add an image, free drawing and add QR code in the Backend

Add text and 200+ typography:

With using "add text" function, your customers can easily add text layers and customize text

Upload design file:

If you have your available unique design, you can upload it on our products to visualize how it is

100% responsive and mobile-friendly:

Customers can design on any devices such as desktop, tablet or mobile

Easy to use "Add QR code" function:

You can enter QR code text and customize "QRcode" layers as your expectation

Import/Export design

Import or Export files directly from your source easier than ever

Powerful Layers:

Drag and drop to sort layers and change layers stack

Show in Design Tool Pages:

Show product details on the design page. Customer is easy to view attributes of a product which don't need to click on the detail page

Show In Archive Pages:

Show attributes in category page in style color swatch or label. Customer is easy to view attributes of a product which dont need to click on the detail page

Print Pricing Options Configuration:

You can enable print pricing option in the back-end for all products

General Setting "Printing Options"

You can set 1 or more option for Printing Option

Custom Design

You will have a complete visualization of online design tool from our other unique theme

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