Buyer’s protection – Commitment from CMSmart

If you buy something but you don’t feel satisfied, Cmsmart Buyer Protection Program can help. With the objective of protecting our beloved customers on CMSmart marketplace, we always improve the customer services policy towards the customer's satisfaction. Furthermore, we would like buyers to have a strong goodwill in buying our products.

We would like to offer you the 4 following commitments:

  • Best Rate Guarantee
  • 6 months Download & Upgrade
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – Refund 07 Days
  • Private Ticket Reply Guarantee Within 24h


Cmsmart assures that our price is the best price compare with any other places  – our price should be equal or cheaper than other channels

If you find out on any other channels has the same products on CMSmart with the cheaper, please inform us within 24 hours, we will give you a full refund and you still have the right to use our products.


  • The product has to be the same, and belong to the same seller. Some products, especially extensions, is developed with different sellers with the same functions is not applied by this policy
  • The lower price must be available on the other websites which developer/seller published product to sell
  • Your full refund - payment will be changed into points, and you will keep points to buy other products. We will not refund my money
  • We will give you your points within 15 days after you prove any product that failed to commit this program.


After purchasing our products, you can access and download this product included its upgraded version for 6 months if it is available on the system.


  • The product will not be able to be downloaded if it is unpublished by sellers or by marketplace for some reasons (not developed anymore or copyright infringement)
  • Any new versions, bug fix, improvements of the products will be notified to buyers in 6 months. 
  • Buyer can download and support within 6 months, and you can still receive public support via the forum if your support expired. If you want to receive the private support, you can buy the private support for that package.


CMSmart’s  Refund Policy reflects a 100% guarantee on buyers satisfaction, Marketplace assures to protect buyers’ right, we will give a full refund within 07 days.

Click here to read Refund Policy


  • Buyers open a ticket to request a refund. Please read over our refund policies here
  • If a refund is accepted, the value of refund will be changed into points for buyers. We will not ISSUE REFUND BY MONEY
  • These policies will be applied officially from 1 June 2015


  • We are using Central Ticket Support System on CMSmart Marketplace, so you do not need to move to sellers’ sites for submitting ticket support.
  • You will not need to take times to create a new account and don’t need to give their License ID.
  • We assure that we will reply issue within 24h, exclude Saturday, Sunday and local holidays of Sellers
  • Marketplace can interfere with the Buyer and Seller’s ticket when we investigate about Refund Dispute which opened by Buyers to protect Sellers and Buyers’ right