We are currently trying out the demo and so far very happy - we think this will be great.

But we have come across some issues that we need help with if we are to buy the plugin:

1: The page sides option never changes to a radio button on the product page, so it's confusing for customers. I have tried every option I can see in the Printing Options.

2: In the screenshot, you can see the start design button is left AND below the clear selection button - we want to remove the clear selection button and tidy the layout - how?

3: In Safari, when using the Modern designer, the templates all start with a BLACK page. This makes the customer feel like there's an error. It shows after clicking the previous/next page arrows... What is wrong here?

4: We like the options overlay page (that overlays the designer sometimes) - but we want to show it after the customer has chosen process - how can we do that?