Discuss basic features in Virtuemart Color Swatch

In the previous article, we discussed the topic of Color Swatch with a few questions: what is Color Swatch? Which is the Color Swatch Feature on e-commerce websites? Today, in this article, we will tell you about the basic features of VirtueMart Color Swatch. Here we go!

To begin, I will tell about the Virtuemart Platform.

Virtuemart Platform

Up to the present time, in 2020, the platform is still one of the leading e-commerce platforms. It is still the preferred choice for many e-commerce web owners around the world with the following characteristics: Free, easy to use and up-to-date e-commerce solutions. Fully integrated into a free, but professional Content Management System.

Free: You can download it from VirtueMart's official website to create your own eCommerce website. http://virtuemart.net/

Easy to use: Compared to having to learn website programming with some tools like PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript to create a website, using Virtuemart is much simpler. You only need to read the user guide and follow. Actions only fill, drag, and drop...

Up-to-date: VirtueMart platform is always updated regularly. With one big version updates per year and many small versions update every month. So you do not need to worry about adaptability and errors during use. They are always edited and adjusted continuously. The latest version is currently version 3.6.10

You can follow about Virtuemart platform news at here: http://virtuemart.net/news

Some basic Features of Virtuemart Color Swatch.

Firstly, I will introduce the Virtuemart Color Swatch from CMSmart.

According to emarketer.com, retail e-commerce sales worldwide will reach over $4 trillion and growth rates will reach 20% in 2020. Therefore, the profit in this market is extremely large. However, some website owners do not know that their online store should be in the best presentation and convenient to get more attention from customers. Shoppers always have their own aesthetic colors and your products should be viewed clearly in different colors to satisfy customers' demand. This is one of the reasons why our developer creates product Virtuemart Color Swatch Extension.

Second, Main Features of Virtuemart Color Swatch.

  • Easy to use - this extension is easy to integrate and fully compatible with your Virtuemart website. Easy to install- fast, easy to configure- basic, easy to customize- open.
  • Show colors - Display color picker of all colors on category & detail page. This is the best printing theme.
  • Choose attributes - Customize other attributes of the product to display on site e.g.:  size, quantity, materials, brand…
  • Setup Color Block Dimensions in Administrators page have 2 options: Basic option and the Advance option for thumbnail style.

Besides, Virtuemart Color Swatch still has many other highlight features such as Setup Horizontally or Vertically for Color Blocks in Back-end, used as Virtuemart custom field, Preview product options with color swatches, jQuery and Ajax, jQuery jCarousel libraries, Combined with zoom feature.

If you want to find out more, please refer to the demo of this product.

Above is my opinion about the basic features of Virtuemart Color Swatch Extension. I hope that this post brought you some interesting information. If you have any questions, please contact the CMSmart Support team or Mr. Vincent. They will answer questions for you. If you want to try this product, please access Virtuemart Color Swatch Extension DemoIf you like this product and want to buy it, please visit the CMSmart Promotion Program to receive many attractive promotions.

Thank you for reading and keep following us to get more information in the next article! Bye, See you again!

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