Nowadays, people do not need to come to a store, choose what they want and then pay at the payment counter. We are in digital era so we just need to stay at home, search products on some websites and order, they will ship products to your house. However, one question raised is how about shipping cost, do we have a system to calculate it accurately and quickly? The answer is yes, we have Magento 2 Shipping calculator module. This is the Magento 2 extension from Netbase team and it is so great for you to take a look over the following features:

    • Estimating shipping cost for any products: Just with one click, your customers can get pre-calculation of the shipping cost for any product they want or a specific order.
    • Displaying CALCULATOR SHIPPING on the main page: Magento 2 shipping calculator allows your customers to calculate the shipping cost of any products they choose from any page like product details page or category page.
    • Ajax Technology: When you click on ESTIMATE SHIPPING button, there will be a pop-up appears immediately.
    • After customers fill in all the information in terms of country, state, province, zip code, click ESTIMATE SHIPPING button appearing in the CALCULATOR SHIPPING form, the total cost will be loaded very fast.
    • Geo IP Technology: with this feature, your website can automatically where customers are in terms of their country, state, province, etc.
    • Default shipping method Configuration: Admin can carry out this process in the backend conveniently.
    • Estimating shipping cost for Included items in the cart: What does it mean? It means customers will know the total shipping cost calculated for both the selected products as well as the available products in their cart. If you find it is not needed for you, you can hide this estimating cost form.
    • Customizing information in CALCULATOR SHIPPING form: it is simple to customize some information included in the form to make it suitable for your website’s requirements. You can change in the backend.
    • Showing the shipping rates result: With Magento 2 Shipping calculator, Shipping rates will be placed in ” Calculator Shipping” form after you select the option and fill in the information about the country, state/province, and zip code.
    • Easy to install and use: Our Magento 2 extension just require you to go through several simple steps to finish installing process. It will not take too much time and your effort to make this extension ready to use.
    • Compatible with any theme: Magento 2 now is the trend so we make Magento 2 Shipping calculator easy to integrate with any Magento 2 theme so your website will appear more professional and attractive and works more smoothly.

All in all, what I mentioned above are just the outstanding features of this extension. There are so many awesome things that are waiting for you to explore. We believe that the more you explore it, the more you love it.

Hopefully, the share of Cmsmart above will help you somewhat. If you have any questions, feel free to feedback here. My colleagues and I are willing to support you.

Best regards.