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Order Upload extension for Magento 2 is an excellent extension that can help users uploading multiple files while ordering online products. These files save time and make it a lot easier for the shop owner to understand the ideas of their customer. But since each businessman has its own different strategy to sell. Some may not required to show the Order upload feature. In that case, don’t worry, you can delete that feature for one or many products by disabling it on site. In this article, we will show you how to do it.

Main Features of Upload Extension for Magento 2

  • Upload files directly on the product details page: Shoppers can bind images or upload files directly into each product on the product details page when they place an order for this product.
  • Upload files at the same time: Allow to select multiple files at the same time. And most of them are uploaded quickly at once.
  • Multiple File Types Supported: Shoppers can upload almost any file types like jpg, jpeg, png, txt, doc, Docx, Xls, Xlsx….Admin can configure which file types are allowed to upload in the admin panel.
  • Setting max file size: You can configure in the back-end to limit size for each file to upload as you want.
  • Fully responsive: This extension adapts with all devices as a desktop, tablet, and mobile, and your customer can use anywhere.
  • Support with all products: This extension works well with all products of Magento such as simple, configurable, downloadable, bundle, grouped, and virtual products.

Here are 5 easy steps on how to disable Order Upload on site:

  • Step 1: Go to the product list
    Login to admin panel -> Choose Catalog -> Product
  • Step 2: Find product
    The copy product name for a quick search -> Go back to Product list and click on Filter button -> Paste product’s name on Name bar -> Choose Add Filters
  • Step 3: Disable Order Upload
    When you’ve found the product, click Edit -> When product information page shown up, scroll to the end you will see “Has upload file?” bar -> Select No -> Click Save 
  • Step 4: Flush caches
    *Remember to flush cache after every change*
    Back to admin panel -> Choose System/ Cache Management -> Select all cache types -> click Flush Magento cache
  • Step 5: View your result on frontend
    If you don’t see the Order upload button anymore, it's mean you have succeeded.

Tutorial video for a step by step guide on how to disable Order Upload on site:

How to disable Cmsmart Magento 2 Order Upload extension for a product from Cmsmart Netbase on Vimeo.

Above is the tutorial on how to disable Order Upload extension for Magento 2 on-site. We hope you will find this information useful. If you haven’t heard of Order Upload extension, try our LIVE DEMO now! For further assistance, please leave us a comment or contact our support. Thank you for reading.

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