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For a successful event, in addition to the determinants, to maintain the event for a long time, the time it begins and the duration event is also important. Because of the large number of events, you will have difficulty managing them effectively

So, in addition to powerful event management features of WPevent plugin, we have integrated a tool into it to assist you with event-time difficulties. It is Google calendar

Google calendar is the calendar most used today. People can try not to store any information in their head and use the calculated risk of storing these on offline and on-line devices, so Google Calendar helps them effortlessly.

Seeing that need, today we will share with you how to integrate Google Calendar into great events?

Follow the video below:

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Above is how to integrate google calendar integration into your WPevent plugin. We always improve the product day by day to bring you the best solution.

So if you have any questions or issues about the product, please leave a comment below and let us know your problems or contact us at the information or Click here. Your feedback will help us make the product even better.

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