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Woocommerce Multi-Vendor Package is a standalone eCommerce software that allows you to create an online marketplace. In Multi-Vendor, independent vendors can sell their products through a single storefront. User friendliness is the must-have quality for a multi-vendor eCommerce website to achieve perfection.

We have many highlight features of MultiStore Package like:

  • Marketplace With Independent Stores: Similar to eBay stores, Dokan allows anyone to set up their own store within minutes, turning your website into a full-fledged marketplace.
  • Dashboard For Each Seller: Customers and Vendors get access to a simple, straight-forward dashboard that allows easy management of product inventory, including sales, discounts, and promotions.
  • Earn From Each Sale: You can charge your sellers a percentage for each order, giving them an e-commerce solution free of any monthly fees. A fair commission model allows both parties to share the success of your marketplace!
  • Birds Eye View With Reports: Every seller can see his/her own sales report and see a bird's eye view of the sales they are making.
  • Individual Stores: Sellers get their own store page with their own branding.
  • Manage Product Reviews: Each seller manages their own product reviews independently. Delete, mark as spam or modify the product reviews on the fly.
  • Manage Orders: Each seller manages their own orders, mark orders as pending or processed, view the shipping and billing address and ship the product.
  • Review Product Publishing: Each seller manages their own orders, mark orders as pending or processed, view the shipping and billing address and ship the products.
  • Manage SEO For Store Page: Each seller can manage SEO for their own store page. They can use custom SEO meta and description for their store page.
  • Each Seller Setup Their Store Settings: Seller can set up the store from their settings on the seller dashboard.
  • Seller Payment Method Setup: Seller can manage their payment methods from their dashboard settings. They can also set the withdraw method from there.
  • Social Profiles Integration For Vendors: Vendors can add their social profiles from Twitter, Facebook, etc, and link their Facebook stores into their store profile helping them make cross sales.
  • Shipping Management For Each Seller: Each seller can manage their products shipping from their shipping tab. They can set global shipping for their store and override the shipping rate from products.
  • Admin Announcement System For Seller: Admin can set an announcement for sellers from the back-end. Admin can choose all seller or select individuals as he/she wants. the announcement will then show on seller dashboard which leads to an announcement list template.
  • Customizer for Dokan Pages: Add a lot of options on Dokan pages to make it easy for admin.
  • Beautiful Dashboard themes: Make the dashboard clear and neat with many styles.
  • Refined Vendor's pages: Make the vendor's page more unique, suitable for all kinds of vendors.
  • Customize Store List layout: Add more options on store list layout to make it better.
  • Customize Store Details layout: Add more options on Store Details layout to make customers have more choices.

How to manage a vendor shop in MultiStore Package?

Above are not all of our product features, you can refer to other articles.Hopefully, the article has brought the most overview for you. If you have any question, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you. Here the demo link is. You can see the details and compare with the package you have just installed. Remembering to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% discount for this item. 

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