Blog and E-commerce
Almost of us know Blog and How Blog is important for e-commerce. It is a great way to generate traffics for your site. This is also the best idea to generate sales engaging in direct sales. If you are spending the time to convert customers, then you’ll soon be neglecting reasons for customers to discover your business in the first place. Meanwhile, blogging is an awesome way to build your audience and create more traffic as well as sales for your e-commerce.

The blog helps your Rank in Search engines: You can add many links on a blog which includes interesting content to catch customers’ attention and encourage them to click on addition links to your web-shop. Blogging also gives you the opportunity to rank for more key phrases, at the same time improving your marketing campaign through tagging words on Blog.

The blog is a friendly way to tell about your history. You can introduce a new product, show how to use an item, or make a case study, all of them are to promote your products, creating know-to-call words sent to customers. The blog is also the way for customers to exchange their experience, the recommendation of your web-shop, your service, and products. It will be a social channel to share to other people to say that “your product is very good”. And, positively, your products are promoted, successfully introduced and profit as well as conversions increase, as a result.

What you will add to your Blog:

  • The story of your founding: the history, the vision, and the growth
  • Your products: where it came from, how it’s made, and its special features
  • Tutorials for how to use your products
  • Announcements for a sale
  • Events you’re running or participating in
  • Advice on products, not just your own
  • Company updates
  • Developments in the industry
  • Something fun you found on the web. It could but doesn’t have to relate to your products.
  • Others

How to Set up a Magento 2 Blog for your Store?

Actually, in the default version of Magento back-end, we can set up a Blog for our store. However, Blog solution is always considered thus, Magento solution providers released a lot of options for Users to set up Blog in Magento shop. When Magento is upgraded to Magento 2, experts have developed and provide Magento 2 Blog extension by different Brands.

Among them, the product of NetBase team is the Best-seller on the market. It creates a unique Blog’s design for you and makes your Blog stand out other competitors. We will understand the reason Why Blog Extension for Magento 2 of NetBase is the No1 selection for Your store:

  • Display the latest information in a professional way for you to engage and attract a huge number of visitors
  • Update information on your shops such as news, discounts, sales, Products, and events
  • Allow your customers to share Your post in Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social channels
  • Give you an opportunity to communicate with your regular customers and casual visitors
  • Build relevant SEO-friendly text links that have an influence on search Engine Rankings and serves as assistance in building sales Strategy.

For Users

You have different types to create your Blog: Blog page with a Column, Blog page with two columns, and Blog page with three columns. More details can be discovered in Demo.

  • The module is fully responsive, allowing customers to access your e-shop through any devices like mobile phones, tablet, and computer.
  • Give your customers ability to Share your Blog through their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other. This is an effective way to let everyone know your Blog, your store, and your products. Through their sharing channel, you enjoy SEO and create a large number of traffics.
  • Post Search is supported, making the navigation easier when customers are trying to find the post they are caring.
  • More importantly, all necessary information of Blog including Recent Blog Post, Related Post, Blog post information and Products related are also displayed on the Blog page. Thus, it might very easy for customers to follow necessary and important information of your web-site.

For Web-store Owners

Easy to install and configure the module for your site. Right in the back-end, you are able to create, edit, delete and manage without limit Blog, and content or comment of customers. You can decide the navigation way for your Blog through Category, or Tages, bringing the highest effect. And do not worry whether the Blog extension for Magento 2 is compatible with your theme. It is because it can work with any Magento 2 themes. Also, the module supports multiple stores for Category, Post, Comment, multiple languages and multiple websites.

In comparison with some Magento 2 Blog Extensions, we can know the product of MagePlaza, AheadWorks, and Blog MX. They are also famous extensions on the market but you never find a better and cheaper product than NetBase’s Blog extension for Magento 2.