To be mentioned as one of the top-level of web shop is not really a simple task.

It is obvious that the core factors like needs and demands along with resources, experience and dedication are the challenges as well as the stimulators for invention. So, you wonder which may be the best effective tool to deal with your problem. Let’s consider Magento, one of the smart choices for each web designer. Magento 2 is a recently-developed version of Magento comes with a lot of impressive factors.

Since the first time appearing of this version, it had attention from a lot of people and numerous of questions are generated focusing on the factors we mentioned above. Due to that situation, we settle on a plan of action with the statement that: “what to expect when you’re expecting”.

Let’s talk briefly about this new product, Magento 2 ! To define in technical way, Magento 2 is an “Open source eCommerce R&D project facilitating the improvement of Magento core products”. Or to make it more simple and easy to understand with all people, we can define it in short way that Magento 2 is totally renovated from old version with the expectation to working more outstandingly than Magento 1 at least 20%.

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But, what does that mean for an average (or not so average) merchant?

You are interested in our new version of Magento, you want to experience its wonderful feature but you are still using the old one? Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter! Every user is offered several options of upgrading to Magento 2; all the conditions are ready for you to design in new way. Although the new baby, Magento 2, was born, the old version is still taken care of carefully; therefore, even when you still be loyal with Magento 1, we continue to support Magento 1 products for three years, so, until 2018 but the new features will not be offered.

Where does that leave you?

We all really encourage you to be patient when upgrading new version because this process is a bit complex.

It is suggested that Magento 2 will be available and ready for you in 2016 or 2017 (at the very least). The main reason is that there will be no new features for Magento 1 after November 15th, but also, the fact that there will tons of them for Magento 2. The power of Magento lies in its community – extension developers are already building for Magento 2 and companies are already training their developers for the new platform (at least to the maximum possible extension since not all of the trainings are released yet).

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Why is that so?

All your core and crucial data such as products, customers, orders, store configurations, promotions can be transferred but the structure will be reorganization. And if you’re using any 3rd party extensions, you will need to get the new ones that are compatible with Magento 2. Although the problems you may face, it is believed that Magento 2 is still a promising product.

When transiting, you should consider some factors such as the size of your shop. If you’re a large merchant and you’re already facing some problems with your webshop, call in for the dibs on Magento 2. If you belong to the rest, check the health of your site or upgrade to the newer version if necessary. Later migration will bring you maximum stability.

How will migrating to Magento 2 affect your business?

A common question comes and focus on what will change once Magento 2 is out.

We can affirm that two of version will be still available, both the Community and the Enterprise version received feature updates. It’s not only about performance, checkout or payment improvements; it’s about adapting to the community surrounding the Magento itself.

A real app store appears as the alternative product for Magento Connect . It goes around sharing the extensions no matter the change, but Magento will make sure that there is a verification process for the extension developers, or in other ways, not many extension but higher quality. Merchant can feel totally assured when finding ideal extensions for their business.