Bringing customers the best service is very important for e-business now because how they feel and how they get from our web-site will discuss whether they make online purchase and continue for the next times. Understanding that, e-commerce solutions providers develop their extensions according to the to trend of customer’s needs while ensuring SEO, powerful admin panel and full control the of management of web-store owners. Magento 2 always saves its No.1 position with regard to the e-commerce open-source platform. Innovative and intelligent features of extensions of this version do make both web-store owners as well as customers very happy when doing shopping online.

Until now, almost necessary features like Checkout, Search, Affiliates or Product video are added to Magento 2 store with the corresponding module. However, we hardly find out the feature Shipping calculator on Magento 2 solution marketplace to make our store more perfect. Then, today we will introduce you a new feature that might be added to your store named Magento 2 Shipping Cost Calculator.

Magento 2 Shipping Cost Calculator, at first, is a feature on Magento 2 store, and strongly developed by NetBase team. This function allows customers to estimate shipping cost for any products on the detail page and category page. And they also can estimate shipping cost for all items in the Cart as they wish.

How can You add the module into your Magento 2 store?

Like other Magento 2 extensions, with Magento 2 Shipping calculator module just takes some minutes for you to complete the installation and configuration through these following steps:

  • Step 1: Keep the user-guide document added into the package and complete the installation
  • Step 2: In order to process configuration of the module, please go to the Admin panel and clicking on Store -> Configuration -> Select Sale and then clicking on Shipping Method to set shipping method that is adjustable with your store. After that, clicking on Shipping Settings to set something about shipping and please remember to click on Save button after any changes.
  • Step 3: Then, click on Calculator Shipping and do the setting of something of this extension here. Also, remember to save configuration after each change.
  • Step 4: Now, go to front-end and enjoy your installation and configuration of the module.
    As you may know, NetBase’s extensions are created for all types of web-store owners, from the beginners to experts in Magento 2 platform. Thus, you can find it not complicated to finish installation or use. You can set up the module through some above steps and if necessary, let their team support you for advanced configurations.

You can save much cost with this idea when it compatible with any theme. It is ensured to properly work with other Magento 2 theme. Moreover, it will make your web-site look more professional and attractive as well.

How Magento 2 Shipping cost Calculator module serves your Customers?

When a customer makes the purchase decision on your site website, they always wonder that how much they should pay for the product shipping. Thus, we give them a good tool to have them preview shipping price of any product they want or shipping prices of products in the cart just by filling in the country, state/province, and zip code in “Calculator Shipping” form. It means, the module allows shoppers to:

  • Estimate shipping cost for any product you want or estimate shipping cost of all items in the cart.
  • Show the suitable shipping method and shipping cost follow customer’s address (country, state/province, and zip code).
  • Easily estimate shipping prices of any products in product detail page or category page

In details:

Your customers can pre-calculate the shipping cost for any product you want or a specific order at one click. Besides, “Calculator Shipping” Form is Display on the main page so they are able to calculate the shipping price of a product on any page like the category page or the product details page.

  • Ajax Technology is supported, allowing customers to click on the “Estimate Shipping” button, the pop-up will appear instantly. Then, the result will be loaded very fast after the customer completes their shipping information and clicks “Estimate Shipping” button on the “Calculator Shipping” form.
  • Geo IP Technology is one of the success factors. This strong tool automatically detects a customer’s country and state/province where they are.

Customers also know the shipping rate result because shipping rates will be placed in “Calculator Shipping” from right after shoppers select the option and fill in enough information. And customers are impossible to calculate the total shipping cost for both the selected product and the available products on your cart.
Another good notification of the module Magento 2 Shipping calculator is that you can have it with a small amount of investment. However, it will be an ideal tool for you to keep customers’ loyalty and encourage them to do online purchase in your store.

Hopefully, the share of Cmsmart above will help you somewhat. If you have any questions, feel free to feedback here. My colleagues and I are willing to support you.

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