Providing a full solution for printing businesses all over the world is the strength of Cmsmart. From the first time released, until now, Cmsmart has served 1200+ happy clients from 50+ countries and among them there are 800+printing businesses. Catching up with the technology trend, recently, Cmsmart has released Magento web to print package for customers who desire to build website on Magento 2. So, let's see which Magento 2 extensions do we have in this printing solution:

1. Sale and marketing: Magento 2 call for price

Not all the time business owners want to make the price of products public. The reasons are a lot: the product is not available at that time, or you charge a different price for different customers or quantity instead of setting a certain price. That's when Magento 2 call for price extension is used. Let's check how it works:

  • Replace "Add to cart" button by "Call for price" button as image

  • This feature can be applied for both single product page and category pages

  • It can be applied to all product types
  • Collect customers' data via popup: when visitors click on Call for price button, there will be a popup appears with the blank for information such as Name, Email, Address, Phone, Message and tick on "Security check" (if available). Then, click on Send Email and shop owners will reply you after that.

  • Hide price from particular customer groups

2. Printing feature: Magento online design

Online printing business, of course, can never lack online design tools. Let's see what you can do with magento online design:

  • Manage design and order in the backend
  • Ultimate responsive
  • Turn on / Turn off function in Main Menu in the backend to fit your requirements.

  • If you don't have desktop or laptop, just smartphone is enough, let's design on smartphone.

  • Helpdesk with full tools for designing

3. Data management: Magento Vtiger syncing

Every business will have some level of concern for the synchronization of its data. Data synchronization has been a growing business concern due to increased use of mobile devices, which require synchronization of users’ personal data such as email and any operational data they may use. Magento Vtiger syncing will prevent your printing website from data conflicts, which can result in errors and low-quality, low-trust data. Synchronized, trustworthy data is essential for security, compliance, and a wide variety of operational functions. Organizations that can trust the quality of their data will enjoy higher performance, reputation, and cost-efficiency.

  • Instantly synchronizing data from Magento site to Vtiger CRM
  • Sync Vtiger Customers

  • Sync Vtiger Sales Orders

  • Sync Vtiger Products

  • Support 2 syncing methods: Auto syncing and Manual syncing

4. System operation:Magento multi vendor

Developing Magento web to print package as marketplace is an actually great idea from Cmsmart. The success of marketplace model is undeniable and if you worry that this model is too big and hard to control, let's see which tools available in Magento 2 web to print package for you to manage all fields in website:

  • Each seller has a separate interface
  • 3 unique landing page

  • Flexible Commission Management
  • Product, Seller/Vendor Notification Email
  • Seller / Vendor Dashboard Management
  • Seller Order Management
  • Seller Transaction Report
  • Sales Report Management
  • Marketplace Management by Admin

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