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Magento is an extremely powerful ecommerce development trending platform that is used for most of the merchants in the world. Websites that are powered by Magento possess outstanding stability and quality that you can hardly find in all other content management systems.What are different Choices for selecting templateIn order to build your website with Magento, you have two options to proceed for your live store. The first choice is to build your own temple...

As you may know, Virtuemart is used together with the Content Management System (CMS), Joomla. Both of them are written in PHP and made to be easily used in PHP or MySQL environment. In this Open-Source eCommerce solution, the checkout process is supported in different ways including: Guest Checkout, Register to make checkout, 1 Click checkout, One-page Checkout and Multipage Checkout.The traditional way that is popularly known by most of customers is Multipage Checkout....

As you know that Magento is one of the mostly famous ecommerce platform across the global world. At the time of its startup it was not so much vast in its functionality but with the passage of time Magento bring a lot of improvement and now known as one of best ecommerce platform due to its multi-dimensional functionality. But one of the major concern is its speed which is not up to the mark...


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