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Youprint Portugal

created by Youprint Portugal

I activated the area that says "Become a designer", then I log in with a different account in the client area and when I fill out the form to become a designer, it refreshes the page but does not send any information to the backend. The customer's order does not appear.

Kai Von Pannier

created by Kai Von Pannier

When will this extension be compatible for Joomla 4 / Virtuemart 4 be availavle?Thanks

Emmanuel Amuwa

created by Emmanuel Amuwa

I want to try this before buying it. Thanks


created by kovacshazi

Expect to be available a j4 and vm4 version of the plugin?  

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Hi, I just wanted to purchase your tool but to my huge surprise found out that atlhough Joomla 4 is our sind about 2 Years now, you just stopped developping this product, is this correct or am I misstaken?Seems to me like if I purchase this I will soose both investment in time any modey because you do not make it compatible to Joomla 4?Please advice what I should do


last by unnamed

Are you going to provide upgrade for VM4?

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created by Antonio

Good morning, I need to assign a currency based on the shopper group the customer is assigned to, is it possible to implement this function in this module? Or do you have anything that works for me? Thank you


last by unnamed

does this module work with litespeed loaded and does it have compatability with VM 3.6?


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