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Hi, We love this theme as we are about to open an online fishing products store.  Is this theme compatible with Wordpress 5.7 and do you ensure complete compatibility with all updated versions of Wordpress moving foward? I look forward to hearing from you soon as we are ready to buy now. Thanks, Mike W.

created by Elite Cooper

Easter is the time to spread the joy and happiness that Christ has brought about into our lives to everyone we meet. Wishing you and your loved ones a Meaningful Easter! To welcome this special holiday of the year, we are organizing a Big Promotion for all our honored customers. Discount Of 25% On All The Items  Coupon: EASTER25 Let’s bring all of these wonderful items to your business because we just do it once a year. The...

Dear beloved customers! Tet Holiday has just passed, the new year with many opportunities and challenges are waiting for us. Now let's smile together and welcome to beautiful March. We have an appointment in March. This March is all for you and in order to raise motivation for all customers CMSmart offers an unprecedented promotion:  This is the first time, all products and packages are sole 25% off at CMSmart.  Use code MARCH25 to grab that.  This promotion is valid...

Hello.   I got your extension Onepage Checkout from I installed VM Manager - OnePageCheckout from CmsMart and configured it for my site. Now i am not able to enter a billing address or a shipping address in the cart plugin. The field are not modifiable.   Can you please help me with this?   Kind regards Michael

Md Islam

created by Md Islam

Hi, I want to purchase NB designer 6 months subscription. I can pay 40$ in every 6 month


created by swebcreation

Hello,question for extension date and delivery timeI use VM38It is for restaurant pick up and delivery.I want to know if your component can :1)Select one date (not date to date as your demo)2) select a special hour like :11.00 am11.30 am12.00 Am18.00 pm18.10 pm...3) If the hour is already use (ex  11.00amà on order the next customer can't select this hour.4) How can I see the date and delivery time one backend ? Can...

Luke Smith

created by Luke Smith

Is it possible to enable different days for delivery for different products?   Maybe through the product id?

Dear beloved customer! Lunar New Year 2021 is coming. This is an opportunity for us to send thanks, wishes for health, luck and wealth to everyone, especially our beloved customers of CMSmart. Those who always trust and accompany CMsmart. Thanks for a great year, and we wish you all have a happy holiday and a peaceful and prosperous New Year. And please Please be informed that our services will be closed for the New Year Holiday...


created by Jorge

Hello, I think this extension does pretty much what I want. I just have a few questions. First is it possible to set different delivery days depending on the zip code of the client? For example if the client as a zip code of XXXX the delivery dates should be for example Mondays and Fridays, and if the client has the zip code YYYY the delivery dates should be Tuesdays and Thursdays.Another question if it's possible...

Barbara Bourgeaux

created by Barbara Bourgeaux

Hello. I would like to know if it possible to show a single "delivery date" rather than a range with 2 dates. We want people to choose only one day, not a range. Is there an option to turn off the "to date"? Many thanks in advance.  


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