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Hi beloved customers, Welcome to lucky NOVEMBER with FLASH SALE event from CMSmart! As you know, Covid-19 has not disengage us yet. So, at first, I would like to greet you and those around you. I hope that everyone is fine. November is the month for us to review our year-to-date goals, and we are always here to help you if you have any problems. One of the quickest and most useful solutions is a coupon code...

World Food Day is celebrated on 16th October every year over the world to commemorate the incorporation date of The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This is the Food Science and Technology Day, too. On this occasion, Netbaseteam on the largest E-commerce resource library in the world Envato will organize the support program with a 30% discount. Specifically: Foody - WordPress Restaurant Reservation & Food Store Website Theme will be decreased from 55$ to 38$ Education...


last by unnamed

  Hi plugin is compatible with Virtuemart 3.6   Thank You


created by GiGa

Hello! I need to know if your plugin can handle min date too. My shop will send products on tuesday and friday. And i don't want the customer to select a day that is "the nex day". Example: the customer place an order on monday he can't select tuesdey, but only the next friday (and next tuesdays and so on). Or if the customer place an order on thursday he can't select friday, but only...

Caio Oliveira

created by Caio Oliveira

Hi, I have a trouble, and it's amazing that i can't find a simple explanation about permalinks form Wordpress Printshop.I have some 404 errors and I secure that is a permalink problem config. I need know what is the correct config for permalinks on Wordpress?


created by George

Hello I'm George (site owner), my site is builded with Color Swatch Plugin, my programmer buyed this extension from your shop. Can i get the solve of this bug i see in version 2.7.1 this bug is fixed.I have color_swatch plugin with 2.7.0 version (he said higher version will not work on my website) Can you tell me please how can i fix this error. What i need to change to fix this bug. Thanks, Best Regards.


created by Priya

Hello, I am planning to start a new custom t-shirt ecommerce website with Wordpress and WooCommerce. If I buy this theme and   Will it make a full ecommerce solution or I will still need to buy anything? I see another package that says $499, what is the difference here? I don't want to spend that much money. Please suggest?   What does $39/ 6 months support means. Is is mandatory?   Thanks, Priya


created by srdev

Hello, I'm confused about the Designer Launcher feature. Is it available on the "Start Up" package? From the pricing page the "Designer Marketplace" features are checked on the "Developper" package. If they're not the same thing, is there any difference?   Also is there an option to add a printing fee per element (text, cliparts, photo, elements)?


created by dizas

Hi, does your plugin stores information like invoice date and invoice number in the meta values of the order?  

Tony Ngo

created by Tony Ngo

May I get step by step instructions on how to upgrade (for example, from version 2.7.2 to version 2.7.3) Thank you.


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